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Date: October 1st 1916
Amos William

Camp Hughes
October 1st / 16

My Dear Betty: -

Your letter written Friday received this morning Sunday - try & let me have a letter every day if you can dear & don't forget I am interested in the little things tell me about the children & all that you do etc. you know I shall be a long time without news of you as you will of me I will try & let you have a few lines every day, though from now on we shall be busy day & night - The official date of our departure is the 15th Oct but it is possible we may go before may be about eh 12th ( a week from Thursday).

My, it was awful here Saturday (day & night) wind & dust. I certainly shall be glad to leave this place.

Yesterday I passed the final medical exam & on Tuesday we are to have our final inspection by General Hughes, Don't know anything about leave yet by suppose it will come sometime this next week we may get, 48 hours but possibly only 24 hrs. Oh, it may be possible that your Patriotic Allowance from the Central Organization may be increased for the winter to $20°° - but again if they increase theirs Emerson may reduce theirs & keep the whole still at $30°° & however you will see. About Thorey - When I am at home I will make a point of speaking to her alone - & try & appeal to her spirit of unselfishness & helpfulness. I think also that I shall write Rev Mr. Matthews of Broadway & see if he can find anyone etc. I will try & draft out all my arrangements etc. & get them typed & fixed up legally when I am in. Oh, did you see Archie Batchelor's name in the lists as seriously wounded - also Lieut Stanley Kerr of Franklin as wounded. I think that you has better get more milk tickets, & what about your potatoes. I would like to know that you have everything you need before winter. Am sorry about the watch - phone them up & tell them we are going overseas, & if it is not done, take it anyway & let Eaton's have it - Don't be afraid to let your neighbors (the men) know of you want anything done.

I think that in making my will etc that I shall make Mr McKinnon (Rea) & Mr. R.J. Kennedy a deacon of Broadway Baptist my executors, Of course the Insurance is already fixed so that it comes to you = But you would need some-one to invest your money for you as wisely etc as possible & Mr. Kennedy is a splendid business Man & an exemplary Christian - then McKinnon you know - then if the other thing happened for which we are provided I will arrange it so that the two executors would consult with Mr Smalley & decide together what would be a fair amount for year for the children's keep etc. Then again in my absence they will keep an eye on you & be ready to help you should you need it. Should anything occur to you in matter of arrangements let me know. My I wish I was with you to day - We shall have to be together every minute of the time during my leave.

Good Bye dear - hugs - love & kisses to yourself & kiddies
God bless you all & keep you


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