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Date: October 31st 1917
Amos William

Oct 31/17

Suffolk - England

My Dear, Dear, Betty:-

Well my visit is drawing to a close - I shall be leaving for London on Friday & going back to Bramshott on Sunday - it will be kind of hard settling down to camp life after the experience of the last nearly four months, & more especially the experience of the last ten days, it really is & will be a most unforgettable memory & one which in the after years will be an inspiration. I only wish that you could have had a share in it dear. One thing if ever we are fortunate enough to be able to make a visit to England together, we shall have lots of good friends who will be glad to welcome us to their hearth & homes & you would have the opportunity of seeing & enjoying the very best of English life. I do hope you will write to Lady Mary Tollemacke. Lady Lowe of whom I told you in my last letter has I believe written you already & I am sure it will be a nice letter - they are all so splendid & I have met so many of the & very best of the old English families representing the very best in English life, both in the past & in the present. I was invited again by the Helmingham Rector to give the "address" of the "Intercession service" this afternoon & after service. I had tea at the Rectory. As long as I am in England I shall certainly never lack friends. I enjoy so much also the children of whom I told you, I go into the Nursery to see them take their bath (the boy won't let anyone else undress him Then I am there -& I undressed the little girl "Clare Desiree" one night, when I sit on the bed & tell them stories & sing -& how I think of my own darlings & long for my own little daughter & son. We are hoping to get some snap shots to-morrow & if so, will send some to you shall leave this letter open & add to it until I leave.

Thursday 10-15 P.M., I leave this beautiful old place tomorrow morning. Lady T- Lady Low also. Mrs. Blow & children are also going - Mrs. Blow is going to her home in Glouster, to which I have a standing invitation & Lady T, is going to her London Residence for the winter.

We are all traveling down to London together, & before scattering to our several ways are to have luncheon at Lady T- Cadagan Garden Sloane Squ-. This last ten days has meant so much to me it has been like living in a new world & will be a memory to which one will always look back to with pleasure.

I trust that D.V. one of these days I shall be able to tell you personally all about it - it is a pleasure also to think that as long as I remain in England. I shall have some of the finest friends & through them I shall always be meeting others.

I wrote my name etc today in Lady T- visiting book, in the same book are Queen Victoria Queen Alexander's & Queen Mary's autographs, as well as King Edward's & King George's also the names of some of the greatest & noblest of England's statement Artist - Poets & Writers & Soldiers & Sailors = I am enclosing post-cards of the Hall. & hope later on to send some snap-shots if they turn out alright it was rather dull today when we took them.

Mrs. Blow has also promised to give me a sketch of the Hall in Water Colors.

I wish I could tell you all about the paintings - works of art all the priceless old books, the armour etc etc - May be we'll be able to see it together some day, - I will try & send you a line from London, I am also sending you a small box of mistletoe & lavender etc from the old garden here, hope you get it in time for Xmas so that you can all kiss each other for me under it. Good-Night dear heart, God bless & keep you & my babies. My dearest love & kisses to yourself & kiddies.

Yours lovingly & longingly

Daddy Will

Betty xxxxxxxxx
Shirley xxxxxxxx XXXXXXXX
Billy xxxxxxxx

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