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Date: November 10th 1917
Amos William

Saskatchewan Regimental
Bramshott Hants

Nov 10/17

Me Dear Betty:-

I received your letter No. 20 forwarded on by Bella, & in which you tell of your effort to procure my discharge - I do hope that you are successful in your effort, for I would be doing more good at home now - as I shall be unfit for service in France anymore.

I am also trying to do what I can at this end, but do not know anything definite yet. You ought to have heard ere this whether you have been successful in your efforts or no - We must hope for the best, & if we don not succeed then we must not be disappointed but continue to wait patiently for the day.

In the meantime dear Betty you did not really ought to work so hard, try & take things a little easier, it will be better for yourself, & better for the kiddies & I, we want to keep you a little longer yet.

I am doing nothing but just loaf arround, & still feel rather shaky, my left leg bothers me quite a bit, & it will never be quite right I'm afraid.

As soon as I hear anything definite I'll let you know, & if I am fortunate enough to make Canada, I'll try & send a cable, but don't build any hopes on my getting back just yet, & don't tell the children & then we shall not be too disappointed.

I am sending the photos and film I spoke of, I just called at the shop to day & found that they had never sent them.

About the money dear Betty that you have sent me I may add that everything I had in France was lost, & since going into hospital & especially since coming out, I have had to buy so much - then there has been my leave, & again, if one wants a decent meal you have to buy it - the people over in Canada have no idea how serious things are. However I shall not need any more & do not think of sending me any more parcels.
(I am only getting [?] dollars a month)

I do hope that dear Billy is keeping better & also that you are improving again dear. My wouldn't it be great to se you all again soon. Bella did receive that first ten-dollars O.K.

Must close now, God bless you dear ones, & may we soon be reunited. With very best love & kisses

Yours truly,

Betty xxxxxxxxxxx
Shirley xxxxxxxxxx
Billy xxxxxxxxxx

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