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Date: May 11th 1918
Amos William

May 11th/18
C.D.D. Empire Hotel
Buxton - Derbyshire

My Dearest Betty & Kiddies:-

This is likely to be the last letter I shall write this side of the Atlantic & it will be a race as to whether this or I get to you first. I leave Buxton on Monday 13th (this is Saturday evening) for Liverpool & we may sail the same day - the voyage will take about 11 days at the outside, & there allowing 7 days on the Canadian side before I get to Wpg I ought to be with you by the 1st June

I certainly shall be glad to get on the last stage of my long journey, for it had been a long - weary & anxious time of waiting. it is nearly 5 months since I put in my application, & 8 weeks since I left the front line. It is very hard for men to get home now, in fact no more men are to be sent home on furlongh or compassionate grounds & the batch I am coming with will be the last so you will realize that we are rather fortunate, it does seem strange does it not how things have worked out for us me to be coming home just as Emerson is stopping its contribution? when I get home I will soon make up the difficiency & I hope to get some supply work quite easily. I have sent you a money order for 3 pounds & transferred 10£ to your account at Wpg but I have had to borrow 4£ form Bella & 2£ from Harry Moody (which I am to pay to his Father in Selkirk) It is really awful in England now almost everything rationed, & the cost of things is appalling I spent nearly 3 days with Bella & Bob at Oldham this week - poor girl she feels it keenly my coming away, though glad for your sake & my own that I am returning to you, they have been very good to me. Don't make any entrée preparation for me dear, I just want to get home quietly - it will be enough for me just to be with you & the kiddies

Good-Bye sweetheart - the next week or two I shall be thinking all the time of you & the meeting, God bless you with fondest love & kisses from



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