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Date: 1944

Sgt Gould A N
RCAF Overseas

Dear Mother.

I started a airmail letter to you but I made such a mess of it & I have these pictures of the crew here & I want to send them to you so I thought I had better start a straight mail letter & send them to you. They are not very good of myself but very good of the crew. I will have 3 more taken in London in a few days & will send the along.

Well it is Sunday morning & a beautiful day to. It reminds me of our Canadian Fall weather. It would be nice to be getting up in our own house & smelling the Sunday roast baking in the oven. I can almost picture it now. I spent a very quite evening in the station thearte last night.

We tried another exam on this near stuff we have taken. I made a pretty fair mark so I have nothing to worry about now. They tell us our Flight Sgt. will come through as soon as we get to our Operational station which will be another month yet. Benny & Wally have a couple of parcel of food here & we are preparing a feast. We have a heater here & cream of mushroom soup is boiling up & we have crackers cheese, spark sardines & boy are we going to have a feast.

Well I guess the summer is nearly over in Canada. I don't quite know what to say as I haven't had any mail for 3 weeks now as we have been moved around quite a bit. My parsel & cigarettes are held up to. I am going to try to get down to the other station & see if my cigarettes you sent are there.

I have not much news to tell you . We are working pretty hard & not doing very much in the way of entertainment. I told you in that letter I sent you the photos in that one set was for Mrs. Jones. I forgot to put them in so I put them in this letter Did I tell you about Wallys new baby. He is a proud father of 7lbs 3 ounces of baby girl. I sure hope he comes through okay. He has a wonderful wife at home waiting for him. It looks like the war might be over with Germany before we start our operations. I hope we get at least a couple of operations in before it packs up. We only had one trip that took us anywhere near the war & thats the time we had the enemy A/C fire on us.

Well I guess I'll have to go now as we have to report to the flights imediately & I want to get this letter in the mail right away. I'll write AM in a few days. Give my love to Dad & the family. See you soon

Love Norm.

P.S. I am putting two sets in Give one set to Mrs Jones. These are all WAG. They were at Malton & Guelph with us & some them are still here, or were up till a week ago.