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Date: July 9th 1916
Amos William

Camp Hughes
July 9 /16

Dear Betty:

Hello there, are you suffering from cold feet these days? We have had another scorching hot day, & I guess there are more to follow. I had no service to night - the band was away, & then the heat & mosquitoes, made it about impossible. Well another week if all goes well & then I shall be with you, I do hope that I shall be able to manage to work the Sunday - Oh I meant suggesting to you that the morning I am to come home, you had better put the key of one of the doors out side someplace, tell me where it will be then I can come in without disturbing you. I am feeling quite a lot better now, the innoculation was painful for a couple of days - did not do our duty - but shall start in again tomorrow (Monday)

Oh I have invested in a bed, & it's a dandy, when I am through with it here it will make you a fine spare bed - there is no mattress but good strong canvas which hooks on a frame work, that folds & closes up into a bundle which you can carry under your arm without any trouble. it is certainly fine & I shall get good solid comfort out of it, it cost $5-40 so you will see that it is [?] cheap [?] affair, bought it at the Hudson bay I take a shower bath every day sometimes 2 or 3 but still when I come home I shall appreciate a good soft water bath, so be prepared, as to food so far as I am concerned don't go to any extra trouble cooking etc - we'll have a nice easy time to-gether, get timed or cooked stuff, fruit etc.

I may bring home a little washing but we'll do that in the morning while its cool. Also we'll try and get our pictures taken together, a real good group - I'm so glad to have your pictures, have them with me all the time, Shirley does look nice in ringlets tell her [?] must take one with me when I go overseas. Must draw to a close now, am writing under difficulties the mosquitoes are pretty bad & the Serg't (Raike) is trying to smudge them out, but I guess its me that will have to vacate. Good night sweetheart hug the children for me - Oh I got the papers all right. Best love - lots of kisses

yours ever

Keep on writing I enjoy your letters.

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