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Date: July 6th 1916
Amos William

Camp Hughes
July 6 / 16
Thursday 1-30 P.M.

Dear Betty:

Too bad the kiddies were disappointed about their picnic, you will have to give them one, you can often go into the Park & it would do you good.

I have been feeling kind of tough the last day or two & am not over it yet, my we had a scorching hot day yesterday it was certainly fierce & hotter in the tents than outside, I had cold shower baths, one at noon & another just before going to bed, to make it worse most of the men had received their first inoculation & were pretty sick & sore, & the terrific heat of course aggravated things (I am getting inoculated this P.M. so may not be able to write for a day or two) This morning about 8-45 we had one of the most terrific storms I think I have sever seen in this country it was threatening all morning - the colonel was just in the middle of inspecting the battalion when it broke - wind - sand - rain & hail, you should have seen the stampede, then, tents large & small going down right & left & in a few minutes whole lines of tents flooded out, our tent stood the storm well, & our Battalion suffered the least damage of any in the camp - altogether there was quite a lot of damage done, several fires - hospital tents suffered severly & our water system partially put out of business. The men of course everywhere saw the funny side & took everything in good heart etc

I received you letter with photos yesterday P.M. & the combination this morning - The photos are good Billy is quite serious - just a little bit scared I think, while Shirley looks every inch the protecting sister, she is a darling, & is going to develop into a splendid girl please God, as Billy is into a fine boy, we are certainly blessed in our kiddies.

Its not too bad of you dear - in fact it is the best picture I have seen of you there is a nice pleasant look on your face, which seems to express itself in the invitation "Come & hug me Will & I'll meet you more than half way" to which invitation I hope to respond in a little more than a week now.

If I come home on that early morning train you had better let Shirley sleep with Thorey, & leave the front doors open then I can come in & surprise you eh? You all had better stay up late the night before. I am sure pleased though to have the pictures, it helps some, I have put one in my cap behind the protective celluloid, so where-ever I am, all I have to do is to take off my cap & look inside, & there you all are. Oh Betty I wish you would start on those khaki socks I find that it does not do to wear thin socks with these heavy boots & am wearing at present the grey socks which they served out & they are too clumsy altogether not at all nice. Well I guess I'll stop my chat Best love & kisses to all.



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