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Date: July 5th 1916
Amos William

July 5. 8-30 A.M.
Camp Hughes

Dear Betty:-

Yours received last evening. We are sure having it hot in more ways than one - just came off a 24 hrs spell of duty last evening & on Monday evening we had an awful thunder storm in which I got a good soaker - nearly every man in the Battalion is more or less sick to day - they were inoculated yesterday I have not been done yet but expect to be done to day its rather painful while the effects last - quite a number of the men were very sick for a while - some fainting etc but no serious results accure.

I see you got your assigned pay - the $ 20.00 is alright only of course it will mean that much less from me, the paymaster told me that under a new order. Non-commissioned Officers Married had to assign half their pay - so you will understand & keep me posted how much per month you receive, assigned pay so that I shall know how much is coming to me at end of month.

I think Betty that you had better just count on paying re cottage - just what the aggreement on mortgage calls for, in fact I think for the next two or three months you had better make no payments on principle so that you will have an opportunity of getting a nice little little sum on r hand in bank.

One reason I would like to do this is, that if I do take a chaplaincy I should have something to get my outfit etc with.

I am hoping to be able to get home about the 18th or 19th How will that do for missing company? Of course I cannot say for sure yet is seems hard to get passes through - but I am trying for that date - that is providing you say is will be alright dear. I expect it will be for 3 days & we must plan to have a nice easy, quiet time together, get out among the trees by the river etc.

Am very glad that you have company & Thorey can get lots of work.

If you have not heard from Mrs. Riley let me know & I will write her.

Oh you know Serg't Buchan the Serg't who was at Emerson for a time - he came to our place to dinner - he has been promoted to full private, quite a number will eventually find their proper level. It seems to be the general thought that the 222nd will be going overseas soon - we commence our firing training this next week.

As to the Big Drive it does look as though we had begun to advance at last - I hope it continues - it is going to cost a great sacrifice etc - but we must expect that - you will readily understand dear that this is bound to make a difference to our stay on this side - however don't worry things are going to come out alright. Am not feeling very well just now my stomach seems to be upset, too high living, but guess I'll be alright soon - I received the papers O.K. Well remember me to Thorey kiss the kiddies for me, tell them when I come home we're going to have a great time also am going to bring then them the small new Testament, Best love dear


Betty xxxxxxx
Shirley xxxxxx
Billy xxxxxx

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