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Date: June 5th 1916
Amos William

291494 Corpl A.W.M.
222nd Battl C.E.F.
Camp Hughes

you may get this about the same time as the note I scribbled last evening when I found that I could not get my pass, my I was dissappointed but it will be something to look forward to next week end or the week after, it will take quite a time for us to bet settled, & I don't know just yet where or what I shall be - one thing is certain one will have to make the best of things - but just the same it makes one more that indignant to see the inefficient men who have been given ranks which they are not qualified to fill, however it will not last forever. This is going to be a great camp there are about 20,000 men here already. Shall be able to tell you all about it when I come better than I can write, Aylward & the rest of the Emerson men are here, came on Tuesday - Aylward has not received anything yet he feels sore. Oh I'm so lonesome & miss you & the kiddies so much - If God spares me to come thro' this allright we'll make the most of our little home etc. I would give anything just now to be hugging Shirley & Billy not forgetting yourself. Don't bother about papers I'll manage but you might send the "christian" which comes from the Old Country, also get me a money belt & a looking glass right away & send them I need them badly, you might also send my silver watch chain in the package if you can find it. Write just as often as you can for yours will be about all the letters I shall get & I need them, you ought to have heard from Emerson before this. Don't delay writing Mr. Findlay, also Mrs. Riley.

Must close again now lots & lots of love & kisses to you dear & Shirley & Billy, tell them Papa will have lots of stories to tell them when he comes home Good-Bye & God bless you all

Yours lovingly

xxxxxx Betty
XXXxxxxxx Shirley
xxxxxxx Billy

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Original Scans