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Date: June 3rd 1917
Amos William

853 Nassau St. Winnpeg. Can. June 3.17
19 Res. C.E.F.
My dear Will,

Sunday p.m. and the kiddies off to S.S. - Billy in his dandy new black suit, made of my old skirt. He looks fine - white - soft collar & wee red cord tie. He's proud of it too. I did not intend it for Church wear, but it looks quite good enough. & is still quite chilly - tho bright Anna Thordassar is coming to take some more snaps, and you'll likely have one of him in it - with his precious waggen. Billy & I are getting to be great pals.

Well, we were at Broadway this morn. at last. Rev. Matthews called yesterday to say it is the anniversary of his coming here - also sacrament - and a lot of the people with autos were coming to take the far away ones - the wanted us to go - & like a friend. I asked Mrs. Foreman - but she has the two babies - so she send her sister Miss Cleuderenig, and we called for another Baptist woman, Mrs. McPhail on Jubilee St. The service was very nice. I rather like Mr. Matthews. I was taken by surprise when he read me out with the list of new members to be taken in. I was near the back - with Billy - Shirley & Miss C went out - so there I had to march right down the front seat. Mr. Matthews smiled at me, which cheered me up a bit. When he called out our names, he mentioned the little family & that you were at the battle front. The people were so Friendly - so many elderly ladies chatted with me, - Mrs. Rev. McCormick - a Mrs. Leott - and a lot of others & asked for you. Mr. Kennedy came up to me right when we got up to come out. To see if we had any one to bring us home. It was 2 Miss Duncans who came for us and then brought us home too. - nice girls. Mrs. Kennedy said they had been talking of coming over & would come soon. They are nice. Miss Cleuderenig[?] is a Presby but she likes it & says she will come next Sunday. We must try to go now when it is fine. Oh, Mrs. Ross (Mrs. Rott's sister) hurried to get over to see us. Said she & Mrs. McBain started out here last winter but it was so cold they had to turn back - she had not been to church in 13 weeks - has been in hospital just lately - for 3 weeks - She just had time for a few words - but said she would be coming over soon.

Shirley was real tiny today in Cousin Renie's little white-silk dress.

The most noticeable thing in church this morning was the small numbers of men. I didn't think there would be more that 1 man to 12 women. Miss Aluncan says it is the same at everything.

Two weeks ago this morning your cablegram came. It seems longer ago than that. I wonder where you are now. No letter yesterday - so there will not likely see any now before the end of the week. I wonder if it takes letters longer to go to France. It costs less to send parcels and papers to France. As soon as I get the first letter from France I want to send you a parcel again. I think Thorey would like to send you one too.

Well, I am having a very interesting time, re boarder still. Miss Stewart did not call or phone last week, but yesterday an elderly woman, who got track to me thro' the Y.W. phoned - wanted a room - no meals. She worked at Wellinglin Church & thought this might be too far. That gave me an excuse to phone Miss Stewart - this other one said she'd come out yesterday (but didn't). I phoned Blackwoods - just at the Subway, this side, or the East side & the girl who answered was so nice said she'd do all she could to get a message to Miss Stewart, who had gone out to W'p'g Beach to a picnic. So to-day Miss Stewarts' friend, who was here with her - phoned me a message from Miss S. who did not like to phone from where she boards saying she is coming out to-morrow eve. This friend wants her to come. Thinks it would be just the place for her & said if it was she, she would & that she is pretty sure Miss Stewart is coming. I guess she will - $6.°° a week will be all right - help us to live a bit higher (on her account). Miss S. is Scotch - came from Port Arthur some time ago. She gets out at 6 p.m. so late tea - & gets Saturday afternoon off. If she comes I'll spend the first weeks profits pm on a decent mat (rug) for in front of her bed. Then I can save against next quarters on the phone. ($2.50 a week for 3 weeks). Oh, that transfer has not come yet, can't understand what can be wrong. I am collecting against the next insurance - have about $65 now & $14 to come- to end of May. And will have all June & Most of July likely before then so will have lots even without the $128. Then if this boarder comes it will be $26.50 a mo. more. Tho: expense of living will increase. I am afraid if they have reverted your you will not be having much - and that $125.°° is still in England - perhaps you could keep it there in case you need it, - or part of it anyway.

I have to write to Mr. Smalley - & I don't like the job - and must scratch of a line to mother too. Shall not seal this yet and may not mail it till to-morrow evening and I can add a bit more. - No rain yet - & so dry. I have my barrel reclaimed - up more that ¾ ways. It was a great job.

Mon. 7 p.m. Well, my dear Will, where on Earth are you? I got a cablegram today, which completely mystifies me - don't even know if it is for me. The only word by which I could tell is "Mayse" - not an initial - & no name. Here it is. "Mombasa June 4 - Mayse, w'p'g. Man. Quite fit, doing duty at Daressalaan.
signed Base Hospital, Mombasa
On the envelope is "try 853 Nassau St" I phoned the only Mayse (es) in the directory but it was not for them. If they have sent you to Salonika, it will likely be a long time before I get any letters from you. It is a blessing that the "quite fit" was on it anyway. I shall be wondering & wondering. I phoned Mrs. McCord, but her last letter was dated May 13 - & mine was May 14. I shall keep on sending My letters to Army P.O. London, Eng, in the meantime, Just sent one to France yet.

I want to mail this so will hurry along. Anna took some snaps today & I hope they turn out good. Then my Miss Stewart called to say she is coming on Thursday. So I'll be fixed for company for a while. She seems nice. Now my dear, Will, you will be know I am thinking so much and praying for your safety. I see the Manitoba & Alberta boys have been in it again. God bless & keep you safe.

Love & kisses
(Will write in a day or two)

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