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Date: July 29th 1917
Amos William

853 Nassau St. Winnipeg

My Dear Will,

Tuesday 11.30 a.m. and pretty warm day. We have had 3 or 4 more dreadful days and nights. Even sitting quiet the perspiration triekles down ones "skin". It thundered a lot yesterday morning, but no rain. To-day is a little cooler - what breeze there is cool. Last night I left the front door open till 12 - when I woke & shut it & Olive (Miss Cleudeuwir) got up & opened the back one at 5 am, & later I opened the front & it cooled the house a little.

No letter from you last week. I don't think There was all Foreign Mail as the postman was around too rarly. It may come early this week. I got my Emerson chk yesterday - when I began to think They must be stopping eh. They week $28.°° this time for June and July so I have just $ 25 to come now For July. We got $ 88.°° a mo. now ($1156.°° a year) No-business to write about this time - only I returned my shoes - they looked too poor - and a bit extra one might as well have a decent pair. Last week was rather busy. Mrs. Middleton took a whole day. Then Fri I gave my house a real good clean up and washed & ironed my new white skirt for today- & a couple of outfits Each for the children. Yesterday I made a batch of biscuits - a cake and a pie. Thorey & Anna are to be over to-day so I had to get ready for them. They will likely have their Kodak along. In this I am sending 2 taken last Sunday. I have my black suit on - & I don't like it a bit - not my style.
I went at my shepherds check one yesterday and gave it a good cleaning with ammonia. It is twice as smart as the black, and people seem to like it.

Oh - we were looking at my locket the Monday - and I found a small lock of hair in it, which revived old memories. Do you remember Hattie Caswell & me cutting of your head - at Wolfe Lake. So much has happened since then - situations we never dreamed of - the present e.g. You away at a world war - & I here with 2 kiddies the home to look after. I wonder what Hattie is doing - Since then she has lost her mother, & her father is failing fast - and she told me some months ago that she knows she will have to take a long rest - nerves going. I must write to her as soon as I can. Only for having expected that old aunt out, I'd have asked her to come for here summer vacation. It does one good to meet friends from a distance - thoug near at hand- well - given things go on. I never meet the Faulkuers - didn't bother looking up if they pass & me on the war and oh the kid came inside the gates a couple of days ago & spit in Shirley's Face. There is no use trying to smoothe matters over for it would be the same again. Another thing Shirley told the other day kind of surprised me. She had been at Gunn's - some time before Mrs. Gunn asked her what day I had I baked bread (she knew it was on Monday's) & when Shirley told her Monday she said, I set it up on Sunday night then, & it was wrong for me to do that. Shirley said I set it up on Saturday (& I do) - & she said I could not bake without setting it up on Sunday - I have not seen her since, and I am debating whether to set her mind at ease as to my wickedness or not - a great thing to tell any Kid, that her mother does wrong. She thinks she can't be beat in anything for ecomomy - buys her bread & it is 8¢ a loaf. & I guess it annoys her that I can wash & bake with the same fire, & with flour costing $ 5.°° or less a sack. It is queer. She has enough rhubarb there for most anything - & has never offered me a stick - since I came in here. Tho Miss Olive actually sold me 10¢ worth last summer. I am quite indifferent of them. She has told me 2 or 3 times lately to leave the children there while I go down street but I am glad I have not - only the day I went to the P.O. at Morley Ave. I asked Olive to come to the Park some time with the kiddies & me but she said they had a season family pass to the Beach, (from the C.N.R.) - so I guess she will not come but she wont come an invitation any way& I'd wager the family does not once go the Beach.

I am not worrying about them. am beginning to think one is never sure when he has them. Monday p.m. Thorey came along alone, real early. So I did not get any more written - and Then I got your letter to-day. Was so glad- & they are as interesting.

The children and I went to Broadway last night. It was W.C. Smalley preached. He hustled down to us quick as he could. They are staying at An Agriculture College for 2 weeks & are to be over. I'll read him parts of your letter. Mrs. Kennedy always hurries to shake hands too, and so many inquire for you. This time Thorey sends her kind wishes. She is a faithful kid too. It has turned cooler a little which is a treat. I have washed & baked my bread- and read the description of the battle field to Mrs. Foreman. Oh, the cousin got a stroke or two in - cut a wee hole one place taking out one word- was it Vimy? Another was stroked out - the day you were going back to the trenches - & about 2 lines in another place, I think I can find out where you are anyway.

Mrs. Foreman came home on Saturday, the children are glad. You should see Billy "blessing" the boy (9 mo. old) - He strokes his head.- just loves him. He'd like to have one here like him & wonders why we don't get one. He goes in & stays with Mr. Foreman - when she was away & they drink lemon squash.

You would not have the two parcels I sent, when you wrote (July 3-5-6). I put in a tin of prepared cocoa (& coffee) but will send the Van. Honlèu after this. Since that, you will get 2 from the children and I will be sending another soon. I have some candles to put in. Do you really not want the papers? for I can send them sometimes, - or would you rather have a magazine? I am anxious to know what happened Mr. Pryor. & how he is. Have not written to her yet- but will soon -

I feel so glad having had your letters to-day. Mrs. Gunn is coming over to hear part of them abut the battlefields. - when we were coming from church she called us in - to look at us she said. I had on my new white sailer & white skirt & waist. I like my hat. It was just a white scarf, with fringed ends. & round pink (pale) spots nearly as big as a quarter - dropped around it. I'll be having its photo taken some day. One man - where Thorey is sewing - writes & tells his wife to send him photos in all her new dresses - & she was ‘going to photograph her new boots, alone & send it.

When you come back you will have to make us a fireplace like yours - when they are so simple - biscuit tin, and 4 legs. It is almost pathetic. The children are interested - Billy was off to tell Mrs. Foreman about the holes with blood & water in them. He was quick to catch on to the part about "swatting Stanley" - but I guess that chapter is closed. They & the Jones family (not Burchills - they are at Dans & now) are very thick. Last night Mrs. Jones was saying something good & loud about children squabbling & their parents not stopping them - They were sitting on their lawn & she looking right into Shirley's face who was with Mrs. Foreman on her verandah. They get into - either of "them" houses, at night - & off all the row - seem to be chasing each other, etc. I am glad the Foremans are between & next to us so we are company for each other. - her side - sleeps here still - no meals at all, and she is a nice quiet girl.

Light bill came today 50¢. I got receipts from all I sent cheques to. Wish my Assigned pay had come, as I wanted to go down in the morning & bank my $ 28.°° & would like to take the 2 as I don't go down often. I'll be ironing, & it May come before we get off. It looks like rain just now. Our Nasturtiums grew great along the front. We keep a nice bunch in the tall glass vase on the dining room table. The sweet peas are poor - but the green ones will be ready in a couple of days. The kiddies have to have 3 each, morning and afternoon. Well, my dear, I'll stop now and get Shirley to mail this. I hope & pray your are kept safe and will & that it will end soon. When Billy says grace now he always adds "and pertect dear papa, & pervide his needs this day". He use to say "give him his needs." Some times he starts up & says "Papa's coming home to-morrow, he said "so". I think he just wants you to come, so much.

Good-bye my dear. Love and Kisses from us all.


E. Mayse -
Oh, Will, Mr. Pryor is dead - it is in the paper, I just went to pick up. I am so sorry - Poor, poor fellow, - and his poor family. It is things like this that give one a heartache, I feel all upset. - Will write in a day or two again: all our worry is stirred up more than ever: Bye bye, Will

Love from

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