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Date: June 27th 1917
Amos William

853 Nassau St. Ft. Rouge, Winnipeg, Can
June 27 - 17.

My dear Will,-

I have not had any word from you so far, this week (Wed). Saw in the paper last night, that a foreign mail was to be in last night, and the mail is not around yet. It is not our own "postie" think he must be on his holidays - and this one is later.

I am having quite a time with Billy still. He got all better of his swollen glands but right off got a cold. Shirley had it first - & Stanley had it - the weather has been so full of sudden haze and the ground damp I guess. He gets that steady hard cough. I have him in bed today & have had a mustard blister on him 3 or 4 times. He is not coughing much now, so I think the cough will soon loosen. I got some "Red Spruce Gum" today - & he has had a dose, was giving him Linseed & Turpentine all yesterday. He has just had some oxo & most of a soda biscuit. I don't think I ever saw him so thin & weak - since he was a baby. I am going to start & give him Scott's Emulsion. Wish I could take him out to Aunt Maggies for a change. He walks like an old man. I do hope he picks up soon. He has brightening up this last while - enough to make my go down cellar & cut the smallest block of my new cake, to get him a bit. I think he will be better by morning. After I have had the mustard on a few more times. I was thinking of phoning Dr. McRae again, but he seems to be improving.

I spent the spare time yesterday & to-day making fruit cakes - chiefly for you. I got an over supply of eggs - so made a 14 egg one yesterday - like Maggie Fletts & Mrs. Stants - then to-day made a 9 egg one. They are about the same, only the 1st one made 3 stories, & the other the largest & smallest sizes. So, I'll always have a block of it to send now. The last one was Eaton's maker. I don't mind making those big ones now at all. They have always turned out all right - take 4 hours in the oven.

I had a short note from Ruby today. She says Old man Forsythe (aged 100) is married to a woman of 45 - not very bright - who worked for him once. The Strathclair ministers would not marry them so they went to Neepawa - & now he is going to sue the S'clair ones. Ruby says she is going to have some fun on Mr. Reid. What surprised me is that Forsythe never enlisted - seems to be more of a home man.

I am sending 4 more little photos and will have 4 more for next time. Didn't want to put them all at once, in case they go astray. You will notice quite a few familiar objects - the old washtub - & my wash box - the clothes line & croquet wires - the watering can & old pail - tank & woodpile. They are very good - Anna took them, I did not know she was taking the one with me looking at the kids. The big proof is the one the man took (to put in a magazine, he said). I got 4 Finished but they are hard - & to large to go in an envelope so I am just sending this now & if you'd like a finished one, I'll send it later - when I get one of Shirley to match. Mr. Foreman took a couple more of us yesterday. Me in a dirty old waist - no corset etc - I got as much behind the children as I could.

I had a letter from Mother on Monday. Mr. Corin has had a bad nervous breakdown. The Dr. told mother he has Bright's Disease, & will have to stop studying. I felt very sorry for him. He was improving when she wrote. Add is at Lena's & doing fine she said - made $40, one week. He gets $ 5.ºº a day & I suppose did extra work. He will be staring up a shop for himself as soon as he can put in all the machinery he wants. Mother is going to ask Add to pay the interest on my money if he can, some time soon - about $ 60.00 a year. It would be all right to have that much every year now.

That transfer has not arrived yet, I see they are trying to get the Separation Allowance raised 25%. I guess some of the Soldiers' wives are having it pretty hard to get along.

Just now Shirley has come in to tell me that Mr. Foreman (soldier) says he is coming in to clip my lawn some night, I'm glad - for I was on the point of asking the Gunn boys. I fancy the Faulkners are all given to a bit of jealousy - always getting things for Stanley that others haven't etc - & Stanley is always signing out "you haven't this", etc. My garden seems to have shot ahead of his some how, & he was remarking on the poor earth in his, last night. Ours is doing fine. I hilled up my Murphey last night - & killed to striped potato bugs. I have it pretty clear of weeds. Noticed last night one lot of Gunns peas are in blossom.

I have written this under difficulties - Billy wanting so many things, etc. He has been wanting me to dress him, & seems livelier, so I guess the mustard is beginning to cure him. I just went to the door to see if the postman was coming - & the little monkey got out of his bed (between the table & sideboard) & when I looked back was sneaking out thro' the parlor, so he's getting better - asking for more fruit cake too. I'll stop now, till after tea & see of there is any letters for me.

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