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Date: July 1st 1916
Amos William

Camp Hughes
July 1st Noon

Dear Betty:-

One big day is over & we are just in the midst of another - To day is a holiday sports etc & the camp is flooded with friends of the soldiers, Mrs. Spick is here & one or two more of the Emerson people - they had to call off the auto trip on account of the roads. Am kind of sorry that I did not ask you to come out for the day, there is an excursion from the ‘Reg leaving at 7-30 am & it got here at 10-30 & leaves early this P.M. - it made me lonely seeing the men with their wives & kiddies etc - But there will be other excursions later on & you'll have to take a run down for the day I'd like you to see the camp etc. Oh, I ran into Mrs. Grant - Nellie & Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Lee had come down to see her son a lieutenant in the 196th & I escorted them over things are going fairly well, though the work etc is hard & will be harder yet - My its certainly a great change being Serg't have a comfortable bed, about 30 blankets under me so that makes a pretty soft couch then as far as eats are concerned we could not get better meals we really live high & in style, then there are many other privileges, but of course there is the added responsibility etc.

I am enclosing a cheque for $ 11.40 which you can add to the family exchequer did I tell you that I guess I'll be able to send at least $ 15.ºº per month?? so if the Patriotic send the $30 with the $25 Separation & my assigned pay, you will have $ 85.ºº per month, then there is Mr. Findlay's payments. = you ought to be alright in your little cottage.

It does seem wonderful when one thinks of a few years ago, Neepawa etc how things have turned out, of course I realize dear that much of it if not all is because of the help etc you have given. It is the greatest source of contentment to know that you have your own little home, & enough at any rate to place you & the kiddies about need should I be called upon to make the supreme sacrifice.

My I do wish you had been here to day wouldn't the kiddies enjoyed it? Well I guess I'll have to go now, Aylward is waiting for me I think we'll indulge in a picture show this afternoon, poor Aylward is still a private, but I think before long he'll get his corporal's stripes, I'm trying to do all I can for him, he he has been most unfairly treated by Miles (the despicable [?])

Remember me kindly to the Gunn's, I wish you'd phone over to Arthur's & ask if they found my razor strap I hate to spend $ 2 ºº for another = I have a book of his which I will return as soon as I come home, shall try this time & get off in the week rather than week end I think it will be better, then I can still keep my service, best love dear to yourself & kiddies

xxxxxxxxx Betty
xxxxxxx Shirley Will
xxxxxxxxx Billy

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