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Date: February 12th 1917
Amos William

Feb 12 / 17 Seaford Camp

291494 A.Coy. 19th Reserve Battalion
C.E.F. Army Post Office
London, England

My Dear Betty:

Have just received your letter No 25 & two days ago I received your letter No 26 - we are getting our mail anyway, though as far as I know there has been none lost so far - you are not getting my letters at all regular, I am writing at least twice a week you seem to be getting them all-together. I got Billy's calendar also Shirley's letter & was so pleased to have them, Things are humming here, all kinds of excitement & of course all kinds of work. Most of the 222nd are now in France & I heard this morning that some were in the casualty list - they still refuse to let me go, but I fancy that perhaps before you receive this letter I may be in France - I still believe that this summer will see the end of the war, though I'm afraid also that it will see the end of many of us. I am enclosing my lieutenants certificate, it is not likely to be of much use to me here so you might as well have it there. We have had some very cold weather here for England this last month though we have enjoyed it as it has been bright & sunny - it is quite a little milder now & looks as though we may have some rain soon. Mr Aylward is in Hospital [?] & I think he is likely to be sent back home. If they keep in sinking the boats the way they are doing - it will be quite a proposition getting back home after the war You will be interested to know that I weigh 158 lbs, as against 139 when I left Emerson, so the life is evidently agreeing with me. I told you about receiving your parcel & am enjoying the tea & cocoa &socks etc - I would hold up on the dry goods for a while, & send me a little shortbread - tea & tobacco. I hope that I shall not need many more of them. No I have not heard from any of your people but as I have so little time to write its just as well, as long as I get your letters dear thats all I care about. You'll soon be getting the coldest of you weather over & then things will not be so heard for you. Now don't work so hard, & in thinking of others think of yourself - for the children's & your own sake to say nothing of mine. Now I'll have to close again to go on duty. Kiss & hug the children for me & don't let them forget me. Fondest love & kisses God bless & keep you dear.

Your loving husband

Betty xxxxxxx
Shirley xxxxxxx
Billy xxxxxxx

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Original Scans