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Date: July 26th 1917
Amos William

853 Nassau St. Winnipeg, Can

July 26 .17

My dear Will-

Ones plaus do not always carry: to-day I hurried thro' my morning work to fix up some dresses for Shirley - but just got started when old Mrs. Middleton came along - bout 11 a.m. I not know her at first - had all her teeth out. She stayed for dinner & tea, and we just put her on the car for home - away out in Elmwood, with her daughter. Did you know her husband died in Jan'y, went clean out of his head, & died in and asylum. He had just been there a week. The poor old woman in left with nothing - neither home now money - & not wanted by her family. She is trying to get work in Wnp to keep herself - Pretty tough. She seemed to enjoy her visit to-day - once in a while I had her laughing quite happy like. She may get a job cleaning offices at the C.P.R. - from 6 pm to 12 pm - $ 40.00 a month. I got quite a little Emerson news. I think Berry's have gone to Brandon - & Furtuly's are coming back to Emerson. Her visit took up all my day nearly. No letter from you to-day - guess the mail is not in yet. Mo letters at all since I wrote lat only one from Mrs. Foreman who will be home next week.

We had a great down-pour of rain yesterday - rained nearly all day. Will do the crops & gardens a world of good. Our green peas will be ready for use in a few days. It was so cool yesterday I had a fire on, & made a salad dressing, and are making away with the lettuce since then. Lucky I had got a small roast-front quarter of lamb at 18 cents lbs. (cheaper meat now) so had the remains of it & ¾ of a [?] pie so was in poor shape for company to-day. It has been real warm too. Yesterday I went to work & wrote to Mother & Ruby - and made up my mind to "get busy" again (as tho' I was idle - washed -baked - scrubbed & did over half the ironing on Monday, and went down street on Tues.) I have not felt like working tho' - was tired after Billy's sickness - & the awful heat. Billy is getting to be quite the "beauty" lately - has lovely hair, - everyone remarks it, and he is not tanned. Just now Shirley is up at School playing - she goes off all alone - & enjoys herself.

Our plants are just starting to bloom now - one is out, & a lot coming along. They will be nice soon.

I am writing this on the veranda. It gets dark in the house so early now. To-nights paper is rather blue again. Russians shooting down their own men.

I'll have some more photos to send soon. When we slipped out to go to church Sunday Mr. Foreman took 2 of us all - & some of the children I think: Miss [?] got the film, & had us taken. We are having a lot of snaps. Thorey phoned last night & said she & Anna would be over on Sunday - so they will likely have their Kodak along too.

Oh - Mrs. Middleton told me to be sure to give you her best wishes etc. Billy was sitting out on the step alone just now, & I heard him say "Oh, dear, I wish papa was home." I am going to take this little not up to the box now and get Shirley. It is just a little one, but I'; be at it again on Saturday - & hope to get an earlier start, but I wanted to get a line off- I wonder where you are, I hope you are safe & well. There seems to be a lot going on there just now. Tho' these days the lists are short, I have not heard anything of Mr. Pryor yet. Good-night my dear, hugs & kisses & love from us all.


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