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Date: July 2nd 1939
Amos William

Oyster River

Sunday 2-15 P.M. July 2
Dear Folks:-

Well, Billy & Winnie have gone & its rather lonesome now, I shall certainly miss them.

It is raining now, & looks as though it has settled in for the rest of the day.

Have just finished making the camp snug - Billy will tell you all about it, also you will had a taste of our river trout. Tell Billy they are coming into the river pools now & am expecting to have some good fishing in the old pools to-morrow- the pool above the bridge seems to be full of them.

They both hated to leave, & I think they had a good time in spite of the changeable weather.

How are your carrots & beans getting along? I read about the Caswell missionaries - it was sad to go out like that. Also saw about Appleby & the Royal Bank (Hastings and Nanaimo) holdup.

You can send the Pension cheque along if you have not already done so. Am getting a chance to send this in to Courtney. Regards to all. Billy will you give all the news.


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