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Date: August 6th 1917
Mary Flett

St Peters
Pequis P.Office
Aug 6th, 1917

My Dear Mrs. Mayse

This is dreadful news to us to hear that our dear Mr Mayse has got wonded we do hope & trust its not searious, but dear Mrs Mayse be stronge & bare it God will give you strength thinke of your dear little ones God is good and merciful, poor Maggie tryed heard to get up to see you but couldent as we don't have a horse of our own she tryes to worke but isent stronge as for my self am been real misseralbe all winter but am thankeful to say am feeling much better the girls out north are well dont say when they comming home both Lizzie & Maggie wrote since to Mr Mayse before leaving England but got know answer letters might have gone astray some thing like your letter to Maggie lay in the P.O. 10 days before she got it its a shame they seem so careless

I hade a letter from poor Will McIvor from France poor boy wishes him self home he says he seen some dreadful sights, I also hade such a nice letter from a stanger in France he acting as chaplain for the poor soldier its theire that he met poor Willie McIvor he syned his name as John MacNeill (Capt). I thought it was so kinde of him things about the same hear very dull now dear Mrs Mayse hoping to hear good news from you soon Maggie joins in kindest love to you & dear little ones.

Yours sincearly
Mary Flett

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Original Scans