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Date: July 15th 1917
Amos William

853 Nassau St. Winnipeg, Can.
July 15 - 17.

My dear Will.-

Sunday afternoon again, and the middle of July. It is pretty warm to-day. Has been such a cool summer so far. It will be Fall in a short time, and we hardly know summer is here yet, I guess it is good growing weather - the garden is doing its duty anyway.

I am feeling dull and tired losing so much sleep - today is the first I have been able to take my mind off Billy, to any extent. We had a good night last night only that I had to stay up till 10 to wait for some oranges I had ordered. Billy had been better Friday and Saturday. He is up and dressed every day, but the pain comes about 4.30 p.m. & he usually goes to bed - all but the last couple of days. He is getting more life too. He slept well last night, without either the hot water bag or [?]. the Dr. let him have porridge, tapico, rice, etc yesterday - but no bread (he was crying for a piece of bread & butter). To-day he is on the same - Tho' he won't eat any of them hardly but macaroni - & this morn Dr. said he could have a very small piece of bread. You should have seen him - He says, "Oh, here's my old friend-" cut it up and little squares & kissed them & made them last as long as he could. He drinks well onto a quart of milk a day. He is on the mend now, and I expect he will be alright now. I guess I shall take them to Ruby's for 2 weeks. I really do not want to go, but it may do him a lot of good. The fattened up last fall there, I'll have to make a trip down street one of these days - I have all my cheques made out & have about 5 letters to mail. (Interest - Insurance - Clergy - West Baptist - Telephone and Lena's parcel of lace - and I wait to make up a little box for the kiddies to send you. - Billy's "papers" & some thing from Shirley. Two other things in Mrs. Grant's box were court plaster & jam buks. I'll get your medal ribbon too. It is on my list.

Mrs. Hargrave has just phoned to say Mr. Hargrave is coming over to see Billy, between 3 & 4. Helen phoned this morning & says Dr. F. is away out to Miette, but will be in to-morrow, and she wants us over if Billy is able, & if not they will come over here. They are leaving about the end of July. - for good. He is going to look after a Sanitarium for soldiers at Qu'Appelle - 40 miles from Regina. I'll miss them. All my friends are leaving - Lily Dawson, Miss Poole - & the Fergusons.

I guess Riley Swally is at Broadway tonight, - and next Sunday - & W.C. the next too. If we go to Ruby's, about the 24th we may miss him. He has a letter in the W. Bap. this month urging country ministers to go to the Ag. College in Aug. - and Riley S - said A.C. was going. I wonder if Riley is looking for a job. He did not know what to do. I wrote & told them not to expect us that day, so have not heard from them since. He should enlist. He wishes he had stayed in England.

I have just been looking at the little roses you picked at the monastery. They have such a perfume.

Here is an item from father's letter re. You. (He forgets, I guess for I write them about every two weeks and tell them all about you.) "So Will has reached the trenches - we did not know where he was or what had become of him; we have had many an anxious hour thinking of him; now we can only continue to pray that a kind heavenly Father will watch over & guard him and soon send him home, safe, sound & victorious." Hattie says - "I hope Will is safe & comes back soon. Uncle Sam will soon wind things up and save you all." Did I tell you she is going to have her operation soon. Her knees are getting stiff like Matties. They have moved to another house - in a quiet locality. She told me in her last that Mona, Rena, & Clare had been "Inversed" - & joined the "Church of Christ" - or some such name.

I wonder where you are to-day. I may be getting a trench card instead of a letter anytime now. If it were only over. In last nights paper there were several reports"unofficial of course - one that the Kaiser had abdicated in favor of his soon Joaduin. I don't hear anything of it to-day. I was asking Billy if he had anything to say to you & he said to say "Hello & did you get touched with that bullet that came in. (The F.M.C.A.hut)

I am trying to think of the homestead proposition, but don't seem to be able to think just yet. One thing, it is a good free life, compared with our past - teaching and preaching. Fancy having a couple of cows and lots of cream and eggs & a big garden. The only thing is, the hard work. The city appeals to me for its conveniences - not its pleasures - nor society - for I've lived right at home, I may say - but so little lifting & lugging, and the school, what do they propose to do for houses - on the homesteads? I have not read anything on the subject. One gets his land free, does he not? I like to hear you (& the kiddies) talk about it.

Monday 7 p.m. I must send this to-night, Mr. Hargrave (a druggist - not Dr.) came & saw Billy yesterday, - very kind. He explained a lot of things to me - but I'll hurry on. To-day being Monday & fine & not much washing I decided to start early & do my blankets & a couple of quilts, - & bake my bread to save fuel. I got thro' fine, & had just the place to clean when Billy began to cry - earlier today - about 2 p.m. - I phoned the Dr. - & he came after 5, I had given him an enema & done all I could. So he came & saw him again this is 4 trips. He is giving him a new medicine - just arrived 75 ¢ bottle but after he left Billy vomited so I'll have to phone him at 8, when he gets to his office. This is the first vomiting since the beginning. It seems to be something in the bowels. Poor little chap - He is up & dressed & playing all forenoon & was really better Fri. & Sat. This new medicine may fix him. Dr. says he had two cases like him & this medicine cured them - one was a lot worse than Billy. I hate to be writing this to you, away there- you will be worrying. I'll write every couple of days - tho' I suppose they all go together. I shall be glad when he is better. - could hardly get out to get a bite to eat for Shirley & she was so hungry. He's waking now so I'll close, dear Will I hope you are safe & well, & wish you were here with your little man. Good-bye & God bless you.

Betty XXXX

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