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Date: July 11th 1916
Amos William

Camp Hughes
July 11/16

10 - 30 A.M.

Dear Betty:-

Here we are again. I guess this is a daily correspondence alright - received yours last evening written on Sunday & enclosing slip from Paper re Club & women's complaint ect. There is a lot of things that need rectifying in regard to our camp here, & in more ways than one we are not getting a square deal from the higher as for instance = Passes = but now is no time for kicking up a fuss, we shall have a reckoning day one of these times = of course if people in civil life care to take up the materials other causes for complaint, that is their privilege, & it may help to alleviate conditions for us = but we ourselves well our hands are tied ect. But re the matter of women visiting camp soldiers - wives, mothers, ect. ect. I am in a position to know that the clipping you enclosed does not state the case correctly.
1st// Saturday Afternoon & Sunday's (all day) is set apart for the friends & relations of soldiers to visit the camp.
2nd// Each Battalion looks after its own visitors feeds them, ect & I can say for the 222 they are well looked after.
3rd// there is a Rest Room for ladies in the camp with female attendant one being a trained nurse Now when friends of soldiers come to visit them here do you think they want to be shut up in a club especially such weather as we are getting now? Wouldn't you rather spend the time in my time tent & going out into the bluffs etc for a quiet walk & & talk? It seems to me that a lot of these women or rather the few, are just loud mouthed busybodies who would be better at home minding their own business & knitting socks, than trying to gain a lot of cheap notoriety as they evidently are.

No in regard to the matter of loose women being in camp or arround camp undoubtedly there are, but certainly not to the extend there might be, to tell you the truth I have never been in a Military Camp where there is such an absence of immorality & drunkenness as here were there are 30000 men, you are bound to have something of immorality - the first couple of weeks here, the authorities found that immoral women from W'p'g - Brandon etc, had camped here & there outside the camp limits, of course they had no jurisdiction over them, so over them, so could not send them away - but they did place all such places out of bounds for officers & men & placed men around them on Piquet duty to see that no soldiers went - our greatest trouble in this regard are the excursions to camp & also Saturday & Sunday when visitors to the camp are allowed = at these times these women come into camp & ply their trade, & you will see at once that to stop this , you will have to prohibit visitors to camp altogether = as it is comparatively it is only the few who go in or can get this kind of thing.

As to what Sam Hughes said or was reported to have said, I don't believe even he would go so far as to make such a statement, for it is not only an insult to soldiers' wives etc, but it is worse than an insult to the majority of our married men in camp, who whatever else they may be are decent ect in that respect. I've no use personally for Sir Sam, I believe he ought to be kicked out of office, but I do not nor does anyone else here believe that he made this statement.

One thing you can be sure of Betty as far as I am concerned & yourself, if you ever visit camp which I hope you will in the near future you will not lack any reasonable convenience or comfort etc. Then as far as these loose women are concerned I should hope you think a little better of me than think even for a single moment that I would descend to such a level?

Must wind up now, Mort of the 222 are going to Nafinbra to-morrow they are having a big day there 12th July & also trying to pick up a few more recruits.

Hope you are feeling better, love to yourself & kiddies,

Yours etc.


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