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Date: August 5th 1917
Amos William

Aug 5 /17

1st Scottish General Hospital
Old-Mill "O" Ward

My Dear Betty:

Sunday evening 5 o'clock visitors have just gone (I had three young ladies) & supper is over, so I'll write a few lines, it will soon be three weeks since I was wounded & much of it seems like a bad dream, with one or two awful night-mares mixed in, it still seems strange not to be hearing the noise of the guns & the angry shriek of the shells & one can hardly realize sometimes that they are not back in those awful trenches. But here we are after all far removed from the din & horror of it all, in a nice bright ward with windows overlooking some of Scotia's most beautiful scenery away in the distance the North Sea I am glad they sent me up here I could not have been in a better place. I am enclosing a couple of post cards, pictures of the main entrance of the place, it is quite a large place standing in the midst of beautiful grounds & built of grey Aberdeen granite. I am getting along splendidly considering that it is not quite three weeks since I am still in best, the wounds in my arms are almost better, those in my left thigh are closing up fine - my left thigh is causing the trouble there are several pieces of metal still in, & it gives me quite a little pain, I have had very little sleep since I was wounded, cannot sleep an hour straight through, & I will not take any drugs etc - I have had it X rayed twice & am to go down for X ray again to-morrow - I think this will be preparatory to the operation, so that they can locate the exact place where the pieces are before operating. After that is over I shall be alright & soon be arround again. I received word yesterday that Pryor had died the day after he was wounded, you will imagine how I feel about it, though I was prepared for the news, for I knew he was badly hit, I guess it was the head wound that killed him - I seems strange, does it not that we should be together & that I was practically the last one to see & speak with him. I am glad that it was so - though the experience of that night will always be with me. Poor Mrs Pryor I am so sorry for her, I wrote her yesterday I felt that I must seeing that I was with him almost to the last but it was a hard letter to write. Did I tell you that I lost everything I had - at time such as that one does not bother about anything & after I was wounded, they cut my accoutrements etc off, & left everything lying on the field, I can assure you that I did not worry about it - was too glad to get away. Poor Bella lost her baby boy (Clifford) they buried him on Saturday - she & her husband have been so good to me, every week or two they sent me a parcel, & as soon as they knew where I was in hospital they sent me money & a few days after they sent me a parcel containing razor - strap - brush, looking glass, etc, etc, & at the same time their little babe lay dead - I can never forget their kindness. But Bella was always like that, just the opposite to Billy. I am enclosing in this letter one of your to me which I had in my pocket when I was wounded, you will see that it had been pierced by a piece of shell. How are the kiddies & what do they say about their Daddy being wounded? How I would like to see you all, lets hope that it may be soon - you must let me have all the news, & how soon after you got the news -

I suppose you will receive reports of my condition from time to time through the Canadian Red Cross representative who visits me once a week. Every-thing is certainly dome that can be done for the comfort of the boys who are sick & wounded we could not wish for better treatment. Have you heard from any of your people since I was wounded? Ruby is the only one who had ever written to me, & I guess that she is the one who has the least chance to write, How are they getting along, remember me to them when you write. How is your garden doing? I hope you have a good crop. Well my dear I must wind up again I'll write again in a day or two. I have not received any letters from you since the one written on the 18th or 19th June but they should be along anytime now. You need not worry about me now, because for the next few months any way I shall be safe & lets hope & pray for everyones sake that before the year is our the war will be over.

My dear-dear love & hugs & kisses to yourself & kiddies
Yours lovingly


P.S. Tell Shirley & Billy that I'll be sending them some more picture post cards soon also remember me to all enquiring friends.

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