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Date: August 27th 1917
Amos William

1st Scottish General Hospital
"O" ward Aberbeen

August 27/17

My Dear Betty:-

Still making splendid progress, my wounds have closed up, & the stitches have been taken out, & am getting out every day. My knees are quite stiff yet & can't bend them very well, have to walk with stiff leg but if won't be long before they are all right, Just as soon as the wounds get closed up inside, which takes of course a little more time, I am certainly very-very fortunate, & the Lord has been very good to us. I have not yet heard from you, since hearing that I was wounded & am just a little anxious to know how & when you got to know, I have seen casualty list with Pryor's name as wounded, but though I have seen the Free Press & Tribune dated as late as July 31st, I have not seen my name or mention of Pryor having died (though of course there is no doubt about that).

I have received this week the two parcels from Billy & Shirley, I got Billy's one day & Shirley's the next, was kind of surprised to get them for I expected the boys in France would keep them.

Billy's parcel was kind of interesting & amusing I presented the Boo-Boo powder to the nurse also the "Oxo" & of course the toilet paper went in the W.C. The sugar just came in splendid we get porridge every morning, but without sugar, so now am enjoying porridge fine with Billy's sugar. Shirley's with shortbread & cake is being thoroughly enjoyed, the shortcake had crumbled up quite a little, but it was fine & the cake is really splendid, the best I think you have made - I gave some to the nurses & they certainly praised it some.

I would not bother sending any more parcels for a while dear Betty, for I shall hardly need them in England. You would get my letter asking you to send 10$ to Bella, I have had to borrow that much from them, as I landed in Blighty without a cent & I suppose it will be quite a while before I get any pay, then again there is quite a difference between corpl & sergst's pay.

Since getting arround I have had to buy a pair of light boots - shirts etc. etc. However I shall be alright now, as I shall not have need to spend much more. Am still waiting to hear if you have received the $ 125.ºº do hope you have.

I am hoping to hear from you this week. From now on for a while I am looking forward to having a good time - already I have seen quite a little of Aberdeen, & have been into several beautiful homes - this afternoon I am to go out to Miss Davidson our Canadian Red Cross visitor (you will have received letters from her, she has been very kind) for tea & evening dinner, tomorrow I shall be going on a motor trip to some outlying place & the next day Wednesday I have another invitation to evening dinner at one of the prominent Aberdeen homes, The people cannot do enough for a wounded soldier, then the fact of my being a Canadian Clergyman means quite a lot. I am going to send you a book of Aberdeen views. Well dear how are things going with you? I do hope & pray that Billy is better & that you yourself are keeping well surely the war cannot go on much longer, however we must pray and hope for the best.

I may be going down to one of our own Canadian Convalescent Hospitals near London any time now-& I shall be glad, though I have had a good time here & made lots of friends. Tell me the date of Billy's birthday when you write next.

Remember me to Gunns & any other friends you may see, I have written to no one except yourself & a letter to Ruby & Mrs. Pryor since I was wounded.

My dear dear love to my dear, dear wife & kiddies, with hugs & kisses God bless you & keep you & may we soon be reunited.

Daddy - Will-

P.S. The last two Sunday Evenings I have conducted services in the hospital, & I shall be in great demand for the rest of my stay here.

Betty xxxxxxxxxxxx
Shirley xxxxxxxxxxxxx XXXX
Billy xxxxxxxxxxx

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