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Date: August 18th 1917
Amos William

1st Scottish General Hospital
"O" Ward. "Oldmill"
Aberdeen Scotland
Aug 18 / 17

My Dear, Dear, Wife:

No 21 & written July 22 & mailed July 25th, received yesterday was rather surprised to know that you had not received word that I had been wounded = they generally notify by wire the next of kin as soon as possible, & never publish a name in the casualty list until after the relatives have been notified. It is strange too that poor Pryor's name should be there & not mine, of as you will know now, we were both wounded together & by the same shell, he dying a few hours after.

I do hope that you have not been caused any unnecessary anxiety by a mistake, it is worry enough as it is. Letters 18-19 & 20 are still to come - from your letters it would seem as though coming events did cast their shadow before & that we both as well as dear Billy had some premonition of coming disaster. However dear Betty the worry is over now as far as I am concerned & will be for a few months at least so lets hope that it will be over soon & that I shall not be required to go back again. We have indeed a lot to thank God for , when we think of poor Pryor & others, & then when I see some of the poor fellows here, legless armless - life long cripples - blind etc, I can indeed cry with the Psalmist "Bless the Lord oh my soul & forget not all His benefits."

"Not more than others I deserve, But He has given me more."

I am glad that you have written to Mrs. Pryor - especially before you knew that I also was wounded.

I am doing splendidly, the stitches (12 in number) were taken out of my right thigh yesterday, & I was allowed up for a few hours in a wheeled chair, & was able to go to a concert, which was a splendid change, so I am doing fine, my worst trouble is sleep I have not had a real good sleep sence I was wounded four hours is the most I have had any one night & that very seldom, have been whole nights together without being able to close my eyes & that in spite of drugs = though I have not taken many of those "thanks be" It is really awful not being able to sleep, but I guess that my nerves will get quietened down in time, It is a wonder how men are able to stand the strain of it day after day, but I think it was the three or four hours just after getting wounded & before we got to the dressing station that finished me.

I am so worried about Billy especially sence Bella lost their wee laddie, I am glad to have the news that he is so much better & hope & pray it will continue, I know dear that you are doing all that you possibly can do - don't spare money as long as you have it, & I do wish that you would go out to Regina for a week the change would do you all good, & I think it would even be better than going to Ruby's just now, They would certainly feed you up between them. I may just was well put in here that your letters have never been censored as yet, but I expected mine would be.

You do not say if you have received the Money Transfer yet - you should have it long ere this, I sent the letter I received from Lloyd's which would enable you to act in the matter if necessary I do hope you have received it O.K. It has been an awful bother. Am sorry about Faulkner's for your sake, I hate to think of them being so mean - I have not received the letters in which you tell of the bother, but I am sorely tempted to write him & tell him a thing or to. & when I return I certainly will call him to account = Men like him should be over here instead of acting the bully at home = however they are not men. I am so glad to know that you have some-one staying with you - they would be there when you received the news? How everything seems to have been provided for - every circumstance by our Loving Heavenly Father. The parcels which have been sent or arrived in France sence I was wounded will be enjoyed by the boys who stuck to us that awful night, & I of course do not need them here anyway.

I have received invitations form a couple of my Aristocratic friends down South of England of whom I have told you (Mrs Russel & Lady Tollemache) to spend my sick leave with them - but of course I must divide it between my own people. & hope to visit them some other time - everyone is so very kind to the "Fighting Parson" & have made some good friends over here. I must close now again.

Cheeri "O" My best love - hugs & kisses to yourself & kiddies God bless & keep you.


Betty xxxxxxxxxx
Shirley xxxxxxxxx
Billy xxxxxxxx

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