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Date: August 13th 1917
Amos William

Aug 13 / 17

Oldmill Military Hospital

My Dear Betty & Kiddies:

I received this afternoon a bunch of letters forwarded from France & the following numbers from you 13 - 14 - 15 - 16 - 17 these are the first since I was wounded so you may imagine that I was very pleased to have them.

In the first place you will be pleased to know that I am getting along nicely though suffering quite a little pain just now, however I suppose one must except that for a while & be glad they are alive at all.

I underwent another operation on Friday where they removed pieces of metal from right thigh I hope that will be the last.

I am very, very, sorry to hear that Billy is having such a sick spell of it & do wish that I were home I think that you ought to take him away for a week or two anyway either to Ruby's or to Flett's, I think [?] would be the best you all need a change it would do you good. I do hope & pray that he will soon be alright again, don't be afraid of spending money either for the kiddies or yourself; you should have received the $125°° long before this, & shall be relieved to hear that you have got it.

I have not written to Faulkner's or Gunns, & guess that I will let it go now, am glad your garden is doing so well. Among the letters that I received was one from Ruby, written of course long before I was wounded. I hope they get a good crop this year. The snap-shots are splendid & the picture of Billy is dandy. I would like to have one alright, but situated as I am its hardly worth while, one cannot accumulate too much, & I have lost one lot of personal belongings though I am glad to say that I still have your pictures. It seems strange that one should have the premonition of coming events as your dream yet it very often happens, the night I was hit, before leaving the front line trenches I had the feeling which I could not rid myself of that something was going to happen. I cannot help thinking of poor Pryor such things do make one thing. "One take & the other left." Have you written Mrs Pryor? Yes I think that add ought to at least pay you the interest on your money, but I guess that I havn't much room to talk. Well dear I must close this is a long letter for me just now, how I wish that I were with you all - I don't think that I shall go back to the ministry, you havn't told me what you think of the farming idea.

My best - best love to my wife & kiddies with lots of kisses. Now don't worry & tell the children that I'll have some great stories to tell them when I come home. God bless you all



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