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Date: April 17th 1918
Amos William

Shornecliffe. Kent
April 17/18

Dear Betty:-

Four weeks ago yesterday since I left France to be returned to Canada & I am still here, & do not know how long it will be before I get away. I shall not feel sure that I am returning until I am will on the way across the Atlantic. It is a sore test on ones patience all this uncertainty & time of waiting. It is a bad time too just now - men needed so badly over in France they are not sending anymore back to Canada - only those that are absolutely necessary & one thing you cannot do in the army & that is "Hurry them up" it is awful trying & at times I get very blue etc, but there I must not lose heart. What anxious days these are & how splendidly our lads are doing in spite of fearful odds - it cannot last much longer the strain & sacrifice is too awful, beyond the limit of human endurance, surely the Germans have about reached the maximum of their ability etc. I have received your letters 1 - 2 & 3 written about March 10th also whilst I was at Bella. I received Shirley's letter & three from you 26 - 27 28, as well as two parcels one from Ladies Aid Emerson & other from Shirley. I received the $ 100, O.K. you didn't lose any time dear. I returned from leave last Friday April 12, I spend a day & a night a Blackburn, & from Saturday evening until Monday noon with Bella at Oldham, I preached there on Sunday, the remaining part of my leave I spend in London staying with Lady Tollermacke, I visited Hampton Court & Windsor Castle also Eton & Harrow Colleges, & other places of interest, but I could not enjoy myself as I ought for my thoughts are with you & my kiddies. I am longing for Home & all that it means, yesterday I parcelled up some of my surplus belongings & shipped them through Rickford's it going to Winnipeg, you ought to get them soon after you receive this letter, in the package there is three pairs of boots - 1 pair of riding breeches, 1 white shirt 1 suit of pyjamas a pair of two of sox - pair of leather leggings & old letters etc, I paid the carriage this end 1 - 4 - 6,' hope you receive it safely. Now my dear I do hope & trust that we shall not be disappointed in our expectations this time, & I will still hope that I may be with you before the summer is well started. My dearest love to yourself & kiddies. God bless you my dears.


Betty xxxxxxxxxxxx
Shirley xxxxxxxxxxx
Billy xxxxxxxxx

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