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Date: June 15th 1916
Amos William Mayse

291494 C. Coy
No 12 Platoon
222nd Battl CEF
Camp Hughes

Dear Betty:-

Another line or two I don't know yet whether I shall be home on Saturday, my pass is in, but don't know if it has been approved or no. If I get it I shall be home sometime Saturday before noon, & shall be able to stay until Monday evening - so shall be able to have a nice time together we must get out a little with the kiddies. This is the busy life, I am up before 5 am & at it until after Lights-out it is generally about 11 P.M. before I am able to turn in.

Well dear the captain told me today that he was making me Sergeant, so I suppose I shall have the 3 stripes when I see you again - that will 13 or 14 dollars per month more than at present, you will get $ 25 separation instead of $ 20.ºº & I shall get I think 30¢ per day increase.

They are beginning to reduce a good many of the various officer's Pte. etc to the ranks because they are not showing themselves efficient - I have nothing but commendation from the Colonel & my Company officers for my work sence I came here, so that from now on my lot will be a little more congenial. I certainly am not afraid on not making good. Another piece of good news you will find in the personal of the enclosed letter - Don't fail to write in this regard so that I can keep the Emerson people right after it

Received your letter sence I started this, am glad you have had the taps etc fixed, though they certainly charge some however that's the city - In case I forget when I come, I will tell you what I need to bring back with me - a mug for shaving - 2 soft towells - suit of pyjamas - fountain pen & ink. Am going to write a straight business letter to Emerson - you don't say anything about Mrs. Riley neither Mr. Findlay.

I do hope Billy is not hurt let the doctor see him if he is still complaining.

Harry Aylward is in a London Hospital & has been taken off the danger list poor boy he was pretty badly shot up. Mrs. Aylward's nephew (Maynard) has been seriously wounded also.

Well must close now again = this is the life - certainly a most strenuous one. Lots of love & kisses & hugs to my little Son & Daughter - also yourself dear. Good-Bye & God bless you sweetheart

Yours lovingly


xxxxxxxxx Betty
xxxxxxxxx Shirley
xxxxxxxxx Billy

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Original Scans