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Date: August 30th 1944

Dear Dot.

So sorry I have been so long in answering you letters. I have so many people to write to it is quite a job to answer them all imediately I received you 2 letter today along with 9 more & I am trying to answer them all as fast as I can. So you are having quite a time with school & what not. Let me give you some brotherly advice. Don't be in to big a hurry to grow up. You have the best years of you life right now. Try to enjoy school & get good marks & do what your teacher says even though you don't like it. Try to get good marks & learn all you can because you can't have any fun attall when you grow up if you don't learn the essential things when you are younger. Do as mother says believe me she knows whats best for you. She has brought up our whole family & she knows whats best for you. You will find if you take on interest in school as you do piano lessons that can be quite a bit of fun. You want to go as far as you can in school because every bit a knowledge you pick up will help you later on when you do grow up. I know it is rather hard for you to understand all this as you are very young & don't realize, but for my sake & mothers do as I said please & you won't be sorry.

Well we are having some nice weather over here now. This is a very strange country, so different from Canada. I received a letter from Gloria today to so I'll have to answer it pronto.

That all for now. I should be home soon maybe for Christmas. I'll write again soon.

Say hello to Teddy for me. He is growing up & is going to be a smart young man one of these days. See you soon.

Love from you big brother