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Date: January 16th 1916

Jan 16th 1916

Dear Father;

Very many thanks for your parcel and letter which arrived a couple of days ago. I believe that when I thanked you for the parcel which arrived previous to this one, I neglected to thank you for the beautiful little compass you sent. I am so sorry that at the time of writing it quite slipped my memory, and I intended to thank you in my next letter and again forgot. It is a very good one and possibly some time might be worth its weight in gold. I don't wear it on my wrist as it only gets wet and plastered with mud. I took off the strap and sewed it the compass on the inside of the flap of my upper tunic pocket. Then I have it always with me, and it gets lots of protection.

Will you get me a couple of "gold braids." They are sewed in rows on cloth, and as the cloth is Khaki it makes them very easy to sew on. Dont let them cut them separate. I am not quite sure that they will sell them to you, but it wont hurt to try, and if they won't, don't bother any more about them. I heard that they mustn't be sold to unauthorized persons, but I dont know if it is true or not. Anyway, dont go to any trouble over them.

The weather has been very good all fall and winter. Of course there has been quite a bit of rain now and again, but taking everything into consideration it had been exceptionally fine. The last few days have been quite cold, sharp frosts at night, and rain but not thawing in the day time of course speaking of frost and rain here, frost is certainly the lesser of two evils. Well must close for tonight.

Lots of love from your affectionate Son

Am writing to mother tonight.