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Date: 1944

Dear Mother

Sorry I haven't wrote for the last couple of weeks. We have just come back from our leave & are on our new station now. We buried Johnny & his crew on my 21st birthday. It was a lovely military funeral & he has at rest in a special cemetery for R.C.A.F. boys at Chester. There was a big turnout & we heaped the grave with flowers. It just about killed me when they lowered him into his resting place. I am getting used to the fact that my buddie is gone but I shall never forget him. I am going to write Mrs. Jones a letter soon.

I spent 4 days in London dodging Buzz bombs. I saw quite a few of them & some landed to close for comfort. I went to Kenton to see Auntie Gladis. She had just left for the country on a weeks holiday. It's to bad, but I shall see her next leave. I went to a dance in Kingsbury & I was invited to a private house party. The people were very nice to me & I stayed a few nights at this girls peoples house. Very nice people & I have a invitation to come back. We, that is my Pilot & two gunners went sightseeing & saw Buckingham palace ect. We took a few pictures feeding the pidgeons in Trafalgar Square. I sent them over when they are developed. These Buzz Bombs are really hard on the nerves so we went up to Edinborough for 7 days. It is a lovely city, really picturesque & ancient. The Canadian Legion in Edinborough is wonderfull. All our boys go there. The meals a very good & you can by cokes & gum & stuff. They supply you with information & what to do & where to go ect.

The girls up there are beautifull & very nice. I'ts more like Canada. The people up there are very interested in Canada & our boys. That cheque got here just in time. Thanks, I don't know what I would have done without as I only got £6 pays for 14 days & that wont go far.

[?] had any sunny days over here as yet. Every day it is cloudy or raining. I dont like it attall. We had one day were it was rather warm & I went for my first swim in salt water. I sent a postcard a few days ago. I received a letter from Gloria & will answer it shortly. I am away behind on my mail but I will endeavour to catch up.

We are on our last stage & all going well we should be on O.P's very soon. That is if the war don't fold up on us It looks like it might. Then they will send us back to Canada. Oh boy.

I haven't had any mail for 3 weeks as I have been on leave & the mail hasn't caught up with us here. You said some thing about cigarettes. I was wondering whether you sent them. All of us are wandering around trying to bum a fag.

I hope you & the family had a pleasant holiday. I guess you did as I had a letter from Ella & she said the weather was good. Well I guess Ill fold up for now. Give my love to the family & Dad & tell them I'll be home soon

Your loving Son Norm x