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Date: May 18th 1944

May 18

Dear Mom.

I am sorry I haven't written for 4 days now I haven't had very many spare moments lately what with Classes all day & after supper & studying to do. I am [?] doing all my washing & ironing so you see I am pretty busy. I received two letters from Marg the other day both airmail & one from Barbara which came over in 8 days. I sure was glad to receive the letters from Marg. It made me feel 100% better. I will try to write all airmail, but we are rationed to 6 of these bless airmail forms a month so that makes it rather difficult. I am waiting for the ones you are going to send me. The weather has been drap & cold for weeks now & I have been waiting 3 days for my laundry I washed to dry out. The laundry service here is poor. The only trouble with washing your own you cant buy laundry soap without coupons & I have none. So face soap which is rather hard to get has to be used. I hung some of my laundry out on the fence & someone left the gate open & the cows in the pasture knocked some of it off and stepped on it. Was I mad. It seems funny to look out your back door & see cows & pasture but thats the way we are billitted. It is really lovely around. You especially know & appreciate English country side.

Well Johnny & I are working hard & learning lots of stuff, which we need to know if we are going to get through this & get back home fast. Thats my main ambition. We should get leave when we finish here. I shall spend a few days in London & see Auntie Gladis & a few in [?] so Jack can see his relations & the rest on a farm somewhere as they are short of help. I am rushing through this as I have to be on parade in a few minutes & I want it to catch the mail.

I sent you a letter for Olie. Tell Dad to give it to her at the plant as I dont know her address. I am still waiting for your mail. It should be here tomorrow. We should get more regular mail service now as we have stopped moving around. I am getting used to this country now, but I'll never get used to their weather. I was never so cold in all my life. Well good bye now More later

Love from your Son Norm.