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Date: April 14th 1944

April 14./44

Sgt Gould AN.
R.C.A.F. Overseas

Dear Mom.

The weather to day is cloudy & damp & thats the way it's been practically every day we have been here in Eng. My cold is worse than ever, & the station we are on now is miles from anywhere. That's all the beefs so far. I hope you got my airmail. I'll send another a/m letter after this.

They really have us working hard now. I don't mind it though after that long holiday we had. We are taking all sorts of new stuff & it's very interesting. The hours are really long though.

We are on a RAF station & the disapline is really tough. We have a thearte on the station & the Sgt. canteen is really super. We play baseball ect. so it's not to bad. 97% of our barrack or hole is composed of boys of the 61st. Wally & Joe sleep right beside me so thats help a lot.

All the gang in here right now are saying how they would like to get back to Canada. I sure am going to appreciate it when I get back, which should be soon. It seems hard to realize we are just a short hop away from the war here. These people over here really know theres a war on. I guess they are good & tired of it. They can't buy anything with queing up for it & coupons ect. Our food here is a lot worse than the other station.

We had a little piece of something that resembled steak this afternoon & you should have seen me go for it. Thats the closest thing to real meat I have had yet. Cigerettes are hard to get here & they are 3 times as much as what we payed for them in Can.

I shall get down to see Autie Gladys as soon as I get leave I don't know when that will be. I sent a postcard home & to Ella from the other station Did you get it. I have no mail yet & I don't suppose you have received my first one yet. I still hound the post office with high hopes though How is Dad & the family. I hope you are in good health. Please send my bathing suit I shouldn't have forgotten it. We took some pictures last week. I'll send one or to when I get them.

Well thats all today. I am being a good boy & keeping my nose clean.

Boy you have to watch your step around here. Jack send love & greetings. There are some really interesting things going on around here. I'll tell you about them after the ware.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Love Norm.