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Date: March 25th 1916
George Leslie

2 P.S. - Will give you my new address later. Until then you can send any epistles to the same old place & I will call here for them.

Toronto, Mar. 25, 1916

Dear Cath:

There is to be a big basket-ball game between the 123rd Bn and D Coy of the 134th this afternoon, but I have six letters sitting here waiting to be answered so I have decided to stay right here and use my pen instead of going to see the game although I never saw a real basket-ball game before. But you see I consider basket-ball a girls' game and am not at all interested in it - it's too quiet to suit me. Regarding the letters however I will say that I am only going to answer five out of the six since two of them are from "my ain folk" and it wouldn't do to send two to the same house on the same day. So as I got Rose's letter first, Ine will have to wait till next week. I got an epistle from Shaw the other day but he didn't say anything about Hilda Bawden although he told me he was at the "big party" and had a dandy time - no doubt he did. But I haven't got over the shock yet and I heard it first from Ine about a week ago.

Say! from the description you gave of that box social, I think you must have had a high old time. It's a mighty good thing you didn't say any more about those juicy cream puffs &c &c &c - or I know I would have chocked to death on the spot. After reading your letter I went down and had a delicious meal on bread, cold potatoes, store eggs and tea served up with skimmed milk. Next week I expect to be subsisting (I won't say "living") on bully beef, hard tack, and jam for we were told Thurs. that we are to go into barracks the first of next week instead of the week after. A number of troops left for the front last night.

That little trick of Asbury's was certainly one on you. I wish I could have been there to see it. I can almost hear Mickle cough from here.

I had my first glimpse of an aeroplane yesterday morning and it is a sight worth seeing. We were drilling in front of the armouries when a biplane suddenly appeared above the building about 4 or 5 hundred feet in the air. It was moving quite rapidly and we only saw it for a few minutes before it was out of sight. It looked just like a great big bird sailing along.

And Violet La V. has the mumps at last! Well all things come to those who wait and I guess she's waited about as long as any one. I know she waited a long time for a certain letter, but I opened my heart this week and set myself back the price of postage stamp in order to cheer her up a little. When you go down to see her you can give her my regards and tell her I hope she had them good and bad so that she won't be likely to get them again.

This is the nicest day we have had since coming to Toronto. The weather is just what it should be at this time of the year and we can get along without our greatcoats quite nicely. I only hope it continues. I suppose Joe's fish pond will soon be out of commission however if this keeps up.

You mentioned that debate at Guild last Monday but didn't say which side won. Of course it wasn't really necessary since the other side wouldn't have a chance when you were in it, but then, you know, you should be more explicit.

You likely noticed in the "Toronto Daily Mail"?? the other day that the troops of this division would stay in this division for the summer. That means that we will either go to Niagara or stay right here in Toronto - Hooray!! Of all the weak minded institutions I ever heard of the Canadian Army is the worst. They change their minds any time and every time and you can never tell what is going to come next.

Oh! by the way - I've heard some startling news about Johnny Smith lately. Harold was telling me about he scrape he got into - I guess he got it from his father. I was never more surprised in my life and likely it was the same way with everyone else when they heard it. It will likely be up to him to pull up his stakes and leave, for a thing like that is sure to get out. But that certainly is the limit.

Well, I'll have to ring off now or I won't be able to do much more writing this afternoon. I hope you have a good time when you go to Blenheim and I also hope you'll be more successful next time you try to pass a note in Asbury's classes. Tee hee!!


P.S. I forgot to tell you about the birthday party we had Thursday. You see it was Lawrence's birthday so Mrs. Loftus made a birthday cake for supper. Of course there were only three of us at the part (Harold Little, Lawrence & yours truly) but we had quite an enjoyable time. Mrs. Loftus cut the cake and served it to us and I believe she knew just which piece to give me for I got the ring. Of course the other mutts ragged me to a fare you well but I got it back on Hank for he got the button and I had a chance to turn the joke. Well, so long,