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Date: October 14th 1915
Ivy Redman (Sister)
George Redman


Oct 14/1915

My Dear Sis

You dont know how pleased I was to recieve your letter, I got four all at once three from Passboy I thought you had all forgotten me but I see now that you haven't they sure did me good as I was feeling pretty blue and we are getting it pretty rough we hardly get a minute off, am very sorry to hear that Russell has enlisted for when they get over here they have no murcy I would rather be at the front for we expect to get it rough over there do not be surprised anytime if you get word that I have gone, the first chance and I am off. I have passed the musketry course and have put in a six day pass, I am going to visit Miss Mayhew first, I had a letter from cosin Millies mother inviting me down, she wrote me a very nice letter I guess I will go down as we get free transportation. I expect Cousin Jeal must have told them that I was here, all I am worrying about now is the pass, my pal went to Scotland tuesday for six days I dont think he will be back for a while he said before he went not to worry as he did not expect to be back for awhile he is as sick of this as I am a fellow might just as well be in prison, once in a while we are able to get down town, I have been on duty the last three sundays and four nights this week. I am very sorry you missed me coming through I would liked to have seen you very much but I expect to be back sometime, I am not letting a German get me if there is any rabbit holes around. There was an air raid about six miles from here last night at seven oclock they made an awful now, they droped three bombs have not heard to extent of the damage yet, they are doing a quarter the damage the allies air ships are doing., it does not come out in the papers, we get the news from wounded soldiers, hundreds of wounded men come in every day, and thousands go out ever day you could wonder where all the men came from and there are all kinds left here, I will have to quit as they blew lights out and is only seven oclock.

Oct 15/1915

Some people have some funny notion around here, made us blow the lights out at seven oclock. I suppose their was another raid expected though the Germans are not so foolish do come two nights in succusion have to quit again as it is fall in. Guess I will try & finish this letter I have been three days writing this. You ask what we are going we are doing everything I have passed musketry course with a good average and am now in the riding we all have to pass that and it is very different to what we have been used jumping on and off on the run and high jumping, if a man cannot jump off he has to gall off nearly every day some one gets hurt, the boys I cam over with were a nice lot but we are all mixed up I am with all sorts now that is what is making it so hard for us, the English money suits me find, I hope you will be able to go nursing I think that is fine work for anyone who likes it. Good bye for now. give me love t all the children

G. H. Redman

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