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Date: November 25th 1916
Ivy Redman (Sister)
George Redman

F. G. H.
Nov 25/1916

My Dear Sis

It is time I answered Your letter of the [?] Oct. We are now in billuts the first since last June and we have put in some rough times, but I would rather have the rough times as I do not like soldiering. Soldiering is not fighting it is just waste of time and it gets my goat. well I suppose it will all be over some day the sooner the better. I had a letter from Eric saying he was wounded some time ago he said he was having a good time be is not hurt had though he has a few holes in him. I met some of the boys that were with him in the tenth and told them about Eric they said lucky fellow, and believe me anyone that gets and few painctuers and a blighty is a man to be envied so you do not need to worry he will be in good hands. Leslie wrote me some time ago he was getting on well I hope he will not be sent out till spring. Russell I cannot get word of except that he is in Hostpital. I am very sorry to hear that you have been ill hope by this time you are well and around again. We have had some had weather which makes it bad for everything more so the boys that are in the trenches. Pleased to hear that Nelson has made his discharge any body that has been out here once has generally seen all he wants hope he will make good in the cattle bisness again. Well I hope you will get this for xmas. all I can do this time is to wish you a happy xmas. Hoping this will find you in the best of Health.

Your Bro
G. H. Redman

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