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Date: March 4th 1917
Ivy Redman (Sister)
George Redman

F. G. H
Mar 4/1917

My Dear Sis

It is some time now since I wrote you now. I am still well, have just got over a bad cold that I caught coming back from England, I had an awful trip back, I was two weeks on the way and it was terribly cold and no blankets so you can imagine what kind of a trip I had. I hope by this time you have recieved the letter I wrote from Woodbridge. We have been having very rough weather this winter and I have felt the cold much more here than in canada but it has let up now and is wet, there was a heavy fall of snow last week then turned warm and rained so it awfully slushy, this morning was a nice spring morning, now it is drizzling rain looks as if it will rain hard before night. I hope it will soon clear up, as the bad weather is getting on my nerves I am sorry to hear that you have been put back so much I your work but do the best you can and dont run yourself down. Life sure has it up and downs loss of the job one time labourer another, but I believe there are more downs than ups I know there has with me. Pleased to hear you recieved a nice lot of presents, it makes a person feel good to know that some one thinks about you. I recieved a letter from Auntie the other day she had heard from Russell and he was at the base I will give you his address, Leslie is also at the base but I expect he will soon be going up the line. Well Sis I have been in the army two years now and one in France which is too long for a white man but I guess I will have to stay till it is over or ther knock me out, I dont think it will be long as they will be hitting hard just as soon as the weather permits the sooner the better for us all as I am tired of soldiering. Let me know weather you are getting the money I assigned O.K. also the parcel I sent you from England

With Love
Your Bro
G. H. Redman

Pte R Redman 427880
Base Depot
First Brigade
First Division

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