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Date: March 1st 1915
Ivy Redman (Sister)
George Redman

Pincher Creek
March 1/1915

My Dear Sister

Guess I will drop you a few lines to let you know that I am getting on fine, we get up at six and go for a walk before breakfast of about two miles, breakfast at eight at nine we go on parade march again to the drill grounds drill and march and exersize till half past twelve, dinner at one out again at two and do the same thing till half past five supper at six then we can go out till half past nine lights out at half past ten, we are getting it pretty stiff almost with the legs off us but I am feeling fine but for a slight cold, we have nearly all our outfit two suits of under ware two shirts a dress uniform, a fatigue uniform, a great coat, cap, boots, winter coat, kit bag but not quit all out kit and I dont know what is to come yet, we have a lot more such as brushes towels and a few other things to numous to mention, we dont know weather we will leave here before the first of april or not if we dont we are going to get our bonus by the first week in april, guess that is all I have to say about myself. I am sorry to hear that you are having such a hard time of it but I suppose it cant be helped some body could ring Alberts neck for him such miserable curs are better out of the way nearly all that bunch is about the same most of them havent got as much sense as god give a goose, if I eve get out of this country I dont think I would come back for I am about disgusted with it nether the country or the people as a whole are of much class to my way of thinking but other people might differ with me, well I guess I will close wishing you all better luck if there is any such thing and hoping you are all well

With Love to all
Your Brother
G. H. Redman

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Original Scans