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Date: June 8th 1916
Ivy Redman (Sister)
George Redman

Sarcee Camp
June 8/1916

Dear Sis

Guess it is time I wrote you again so will try and write a few lines now. Two hundred of the boys left here on sunday for England two of them out of the tent I am in they were picked out of the different units there were only eighteen out of this squadron. Sarcee city which is just out side the lines is getting to be quite a large place, there are two picture shows one opera house, cafes, pools rooms shooting galliers, photographs, and little stores to numerous to mention, seven new buildings started yesterday. I would like to come down very much but cant get a pass long enough the longest pass they will alow at present is till twelve at night. Pleased to know the crops are looking good they are fine around here and we have had lots of rain, last tuesday I was on gaurd and it raind the whole twenty four hours I was on the first shift and was soaked through in about half an hour, and as we are not allowed to take our cloths off he we had to sleep in them great coats two and let me tell you by the time our time was up we were all feeling pretty tough but I dont feel any the worse for it now. Thank you for the Photo, no I have not heard from Leslie since I sent him my Photo, the other part of your letter I guess I wont say anything about hoping you are all in the best of health Love

to all Your Bro
G. H. Redman

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Original Scans