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Date: June 22nd 1918
Ivy Redman (Sister)
Eric Redman

June 22/18

Dear Ivy,

You will be thinking that I am never going to write in answer to your welcome letter.

Yes I was quite surprised to see that you were home so early for your holidays, two weeks are very short it sure goes like one day. but maybe you will be able to have more next time I hope that you passed your exams alright it sure must mean a lot to you in all ways.

Yes Ivy I heard about George or I should say that I read of him being missing believed killed in the Canada Mazonion, and the first word I heard of it from Canada was through Agnes she wrote the same day as Dad got the wire It sur is hard to think of both Geo and Leslie gone I dont think that you have any need to worry over Russell and myself because Russell is not laiable to come out for some time get him being out here once why will make a lot of diffrents more so him being an N.C.O. and for my self why I don't think that there is much risk No Ivy I dont think that George had a young lady if so why he didnt say any thing to me about her. I have no way of finding out any thing definite about George until I can see some of the boys that he was with

Yes Agnes was telling me about Harald. I sure would like to see home again. I dont know whether I every told you that just before I left Portage he came down to see me and gave me a dandy pipe for a kept sake I have still got it.

Ivy I got a letter from Agnes the other day and she was saying that while you was home you look after her in the very best way while she was in bed. So I must thank you very much for all you did for her

So you think that the Children are all about the same. I dont think that Bonnie can get much thinner than she was when I left. It is a good job that one younger one are getting one schooling maybe I dont miss it now of course I blame myself a lot for not teaching my self a lot. I have often wondered Ivy how the Grils get on with Clare. Agnes has never said a word. So just let me know the next time you write please.

Now I think this is all for this time Ivy today you get throuth your exams O.K.

Your loving Brother

Eric F Redman


I am writing this in a French ladyes house and she will have me send a flower I dont know what they are called just to satisfied her why I will fill it in

A Souvenire From France


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Original Scans