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Date: December 23rd 1916
Ivy Redman (Sister)
Leslie Redman

Dec 23rd/16
East Sandling
Camp Kent

Dear Ivy

I haven't received your letter yet so I think you couldn't of written with the parcel.

Well yesterday was a very Pleasant day for me I got the parcel from home and a letter from Elise one Florence Windrim & one from Cousin Milly. Going some ‘Ch'.

Well Milly said in her letter yesterday that Uncle Geo Howe died very suddenly last Sunday with Dropsey.

Uncle Geo Durrant took me up to see them the Sunday before while I was down there my but they looked after me fine. Milly is just another of my style when I wound up and feeling good. You of should know how that is. Now maybe we didn't have sometime. I kept her laughing all the time I was there. And Auntie payed our way to the picture show Saturday night. And gave me four Kakhi handkercheifs & a pair of socks. then the morning I left Uncle gave me a pound. five dollars

Going back it a good place.

Your Brother Lesley
wrote Dad yesterday
Lovingly yours


Blenkinsop is still here he shared the cake with me He said he was just wanting some good to eat, you had better drop Milly a line or two she said she hadn't heard from you for a long time But that she said you must be busy as every-body has so much to do now

Lesley Redman

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Original Scans