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Date: August 1918

Saturday August 3, 1918

Left St. Saveur at Dusk, passed through Amiens and camped in woods near [?].

Sunday August 4, 1918


Rode forward in the A.M. with Capt. Meikle to pick out a battery position. In afternoon reconnected some X country tracks to use when brining in ammunition. Returned to wagon lines and came up again in the evening with ammunition.

Monday August 5, 1918

during night [?]

Too in 1000 pds BX McDougall and Cagney accompanied me to the battery, both to remain there [?] the attack started. Just missed having some casualties. Fritz started to shell the road just after we had cleared it. To a X country route but went back on the Amiens - Vollers - Brettoreaux Rd.

Tuesday August 6, 1918

Took in 1500 pds BX during the night of 5th/6th. Had an uneventful night. Very little hostile shelling. Rain all night, very unpleasant.

Wednesday August 7, 1918

Packed in 1500 pds of smoke still last night. Had a bad night - Carelessness on the part of a couple of drivers put 7 wagons in still holes. Two hours and a half wasted getting them out. So Fritz was shelling all around in the situation was not too pleasant. However - no casualties.

In afternoon Capt. Meikle + I went up to the battery to be there for the show when it opened

Thursday August 8, 1918

Heavy mist early morning, but clear all day.

The attack started at 7.00 A.M. the Hun was taken completely by surprise. By 8.30 the field batteries had moved forward in close support of the infantry. Capt. Meilke + 2 went forward early to keep in touch with the attack and to [?] battery positions. By night we had reached Guillscourt while the infantry were 1000 yds ahead.

Large numbers of prisoners and guns were taken with small casualties to ourselves.

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Original Scans