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Date: September 20th 1943
Mother and Dad
Harry Clark

A.99625. Gnr. H.E.O. Clark. R.H.Q. 21 Field Regt RCA. Canadian Army, Overseas.
20 Sept 43.

Dear Mother & Dad:

I was very glad to receive your letter of 26 Aug which was re-directed to "somewhere in England" and arrived a few days ago from Debert N.S. I noticed your enclosures and also your remarks, and as you might say inwardly digested both.

I think I told you that I received a letter from Aunt Millie telling me how I could get in touch with her quickly. I guess I will be spending my leave with her as she has asked me to do so. I was sorry to hear that Uncle Joe had passed away. Aunt Millie gave me the addresses of a Mrs. Johnston, Mrs. Widden (Florrie), cousin Leslie Clark, Vic and Millie Clark, etc. so you can see I have quite a bit of visiting to do.

About Thelma, I want you to write to her, mother, and always make her welcome when she visits you, because I can honestly say she is the only girl that ever meant anything to me. I haven't heard from Thelma in ages, but whether we start corresponding again with each other or not, please treat her as you have always treated her, because she is the nicest girl a man could ever wish for, and I mean it.

Day after day in England here, I see things that astound me. One of those things is the way people dash up and down the streets on bicycles and tandems. Motor vehicles, I believe, are supposed to give the right of way to bicycles. Its a common sight to see mothers on bicycles with their children hanging on behind, in some sort of a seat arrangement.

I was quite surprised to hear that Ivy Smith got married, as she is quite young. I don't believe I know Mrs. Simmon's niece, Florence.

I haven't been up to London, yet, but I suppose I shall soon, and then I should see some of the boys that I know at the Beaver Club. I must write a note to Sammy and see if I can get in touch with him.

There's not much more I can say, except to say that all kinds of parcels will be welcome. As it is hard to get such things as chewing gum, chocolate bars, etc. you know the things a soldier likes so I will leave it up to you. Those khaki socks and the khaki sweater will also come in handy. I had better close now, all the best and God bless you, Mother and Dad.

Your loving son -