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Date: September 12th 1943
Mother and Dad
Harry Clark

A.99625. Gnr. H.E.O. Clark. R.H.Q. 21 Field Regt RCA.
Canadian Army, Overseas.

12 Sept 43.

Dear Mother & Dad:

Life in balmy old England is going pretty much the same. The boys by now have pretty well all sorted out the difference between a farthing, shilling, and crown, but for a while there we had a lot of fun getting it all sorted out. The boys find the English villages very quaint, and the people very friendly, as only the English people could be. We also get quite a kick out of the children in the villages asking us in their English brogue if we have any Canadian money.

I have written to Aunt Millie and hope to soon have an opportunity of visiting her. I wonder if it would be possible, Dad, for you to send a list of addresses of all my relatives in England. I know where Aunt Millie lives but I would like the addresses of those in Dudley. I imagine that Aunt Millie could give me the addresses of Uncle Alf and Aunt Annie, and I imagine when I went to Dudley that I could find Uncle Isiah and Aunt Jessie on Trindle Road and learn from them where all those cousins of mine live. We should be getting leave soon and I plan on visiting Aunt Millie. I was just thinking to-day and recollecting whether I would be able to recognize any of the places I visited thirteen years ago. However, you can be sure that I'll get around to visiting all of the folks over here and then we will really have an awful lot to talk over. Some of the boys have managed to get in contact with brothers and friends who have been over here for some time and we have had a few visitors to our lines. I imagine that I'll be seeing a few of the boys that I know. In fact on the way over I met and talked with a few of the boys I knew out in B.C.

How is everything going in Chelsea Green. I don't imagine there are many changes. Is Morley Haynes getting along o.k. and have you seen anything of Charlie Robertson. Is Miss Simmons up and around yet. I could go on asking you innumerable questions but I suppose you will be keeping me in contact with the news.

I hate to be mercenary in letters but I expect to be getting a "privilege leave" soon and I was wondering if you could send me about £5, (approximately $25.00). You can take that out of my assigned pay. If you could send it by cable I would appreciate it. If I cable you before this letter arrives and ask for it in the event of my leave coming up in a hurry, don't send it again because £5 is all I require.

I had better close now as these letters don't leave an awful lot of space. Don't worry as everything is going o.k. All the best and God bless you Mother and Dad.

Your loving son -