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Date: September 6th 1944
Mother and Dad
Harry Clark

A99625 Sgt. HEO Clark
Headquarters, RCA
First Cdn Army
Cdn Army Overseas
6 Sep 44

Dear Mother & Dad

Very glad to receive your last air mail letter 29 Aug a day ago which was very nice to receive.

First of all, Dad, thanks a lot for all the latest figures as to how the accounts stand. I should be having another $50.00 bond arriving in October, but its kind of early to be thinking of that just now, isn't it.

By the way, we had a pretty good feed the other night. I went out for a couple of hours with a Jeep and got some eggs and some steaks. The offrs had got hold of some onions and mushrooms and the whole feed was jolly good. If I hadn't been able to speak French I probably wouldn't have got the eggs from the neighbouring farms. We had this feed about 10 P.M at night and believe me, we all slept like logs.

Thanks for the news about the Kelly boys Thanks for the re-mustering out pay slip enclosed. It gives a pretty good slant on everything.

Needless to say we don't stay in one spot very long before we are on the move again. I have seen a couple of the fly-bomb sites from which the Boche (French expression for Germans) used to launch their flying bombs They are of no small dimensions and Hitler must have put an awful lot of time & work into it.

I was quite suprised to receive a letter from Thelma a few days back. It was a very nice letter telling me all the local news etc. I have also received quite recent letters from Aunt Millie and Aunt Jessie. I also received a letter from Kay, so you can see I have some catching up in my correspondence to do.

Mother spoke of going over to 64 Albion for supper. I imagine David and Frankie are young giants by now.

I'm trying to find out where Freddy is mother, with regard to the fags.

Hadn't heard that cousin Ruth & Don had moved but I suppose its best that they did. Aunt Nellie told me in her last letter that she had quite a full house.

Not an awful lot of news right at the moment, Mother & Dad, so had better close.

All The Best, Don't worry, take care of yourself and God Bless You, Mother & Dad.

Your Loving Son
XXX Harry