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Date: October 17th 1943
Mother and Dad
Harry Clark

A.99625, Bdr. H.E.O. Clark,
Headquarters, R.C.A.,
First Canadian Army,

17 Oct 43.

Dear Mother & Dad:

This is a very quiet Sunday evening "somewhere in England" and I am taking this opportunity of dropping you the weekly air-mail letter. This morning we had a Church Parade which I attended, and the turn-out was pretty good. I saw Capt. Laishley there. You will remember I spoke about him when I was out on the West Coast. I am also pretty sure that I saw Major Basil Grover there too, although I believe he is a Lieut-Colonel now. I could not be sure as to the rank because it was after the service, and he was wearing his coat.

Effective 9 Oct 43 I am to start drawing "B" Trades Pay so that should come in handy. When that comes through I'll make my assignment $30.00 a month to you, because if your assignment isn't approximately half of what you receive a month, the Govt takes the balance as more or less deferred pay, although they pay good interest - 3%.

I believe I told you about the food here. Its really good and no kidding. In fact I am putting on weight through it. We are pretty busy but we are supposed to have one day a week off, and a 48 hour pass every month.

As to my privilege leave, that should be coming in the not too distant future, and I will have to make sure I get down to Bournemouth, and Dudley and all those places. Aunt Millie was spending a while at Petworth, but she should be at Bournemouth now.
At any rate that is where I am going the first day of my leave. I believe I told you that Cousin Leslie Clark lives near Staines. I am planning on going to see him soon, also.

How are things going back in Chelsea Green. You told me that Lillian had gone to Vancouver and has set up house-keeping there. Is Frank still at Debert or has he been moved elsewhere. Did you hear whether or not Bill Snow has arrived over here yet. How is Jack Bond getting along. Has he still got his mink, or has he married yet. How did Harland Willings eventually make out, or is he over here now. I suppose Norm Smith is still in Montreal and Mr. Smith still at the Coast.

By the way, the parcel containing the things you mentioned hasn't arrived as yet, but I'll be sure to let you know. We get rations of chocolate bars, but gum over here is sure appreciated. Soap ration coupons are issued to us, so we don't have much worry in that regard.

I must close now. All the BEST. God Bless You, MOTHER & DAD and please don't worry. Everything is going fine.
xxxxxx Harry