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Date: January 19th 1940
T.M. Hastings

No 637362 = AC/I
Thomas Hastings
Operations Room.
R.A.F Station,
Edinburgh (12)

19th January 1940


Dear Cousin Kathleen,

You may not know who it is that is writing, but you will find my name at the top of this page. Well Kathleen it may seem strange my writing to you as I have never seen you only on one of your photograph which was also a very nice photograph, it was my mother who told me to write to you, as you may know I have to do everything she tells me to do.

I can see by your letter which I luckily came accross that mother was telling you that my dad, (uncle Sandy) was very ill, well I regret to say that he died, he will be dead five years on the 25th May 1940, we all miss him very much as he was a very fine gentleman.

Well Kathleen lets get back to a more cheery subject, for instance what about yourself, your mother and your granny, I would be more than delighted to hear from one of you, especially yourself Kathleen, as I used to hear my mother and father say some mighty fine words about you.

You know my brother David well he is in The Royal Navy, and myself, I joined up in the Brittish Royal Air Force and I think that the Air Force is a very good life, I am enclosing a small photograph of myself, altogether I don't think that I take a very nice photograph. I was only 17 years of age when this snap was taken and I am only 18 years of age just now, still very young.

Well Kathleen I must close now I will give you more news in my next letter, I wish you would write to my mother, address over page, wishing you all the best of luck during the year 1940, hoping to hear from you all.

Yours Sincerely,
Thomas Murry Hastings