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Date: April 15th 1900
Sgt.-Major William G. Oxtaby
Alfred C. Tresham

Bloemfontein, S.A., April 15.
Easter Sunday.

Brantford, Ont. at some future date.

Dear Oxtaby, - I wrote you a card yesterday in which I intimated that the box had arrived. Well, I got it this morning and as Breedon and Burger were on guard till after 10 a.m. I waited until they were at liberty and then we set to and I can tell you it seemed more like Christmas to us than the 25th of December did. It would be impossible for me to adequately express our gratitude for the thoughtfulness of so many friends. I cannot mention any article that was more acceptable than another excepting the tobacco and I do not think a better variety of articles could possibly have been selected. It is impossible to write to all who contributed so I shall trust to you to extend out hearty thanks to them and tell them how much we appreciated it. We did not have eggs for breakfast to-day, prices are too high. I paid one shilling for three a couple of days ago. Bread is down to sixpence a loaf (one pound). It is now nine days since we returned here the last time and some think we may leave here during the coming week, but no one knows definitely, and for all we know we might be on the march in two hours from now, so you see our movements are uncertain.

Lord Roberts inspected our camp yesterday and was very much pleased with the tidy appearance of it. We have had a new issue of Khaki and are beginning to look quite respectable. A good many of the boys got a parcel or box from friends, consequently they are all feeling pretty good.

War news is scarce, that is amongst us, for we scarcely know what takes place each day. The Mounted Infantry - Canadian - are only eighty miles from here and we may meet at any time, or we may not meet at all. I should like to meet them. I have received the Weekly Courier regularly and we are always glad to see a paper from home. I was delighted to read of the splendid demonstration in Brantford. I hope that before this reaches you the relief of Mafeking will have taken place. We are getting a little music now as the Gordons have had their instruments sent up. They have only about eighteen players but all good and we get all we want of the pipes. Our camp is not 100 yards from the Gordons. I expect there is some big game on the cards which will come off pretty soon and you'll hear something drop before long. Remember me kindly to all the boys who I hope with yourself are enjoying good health, and once again accept our heartiest thanks for the many useful presents received to-day and which enabled us to spend one of the most pleasant days we have had in South Africa.

Yours truly,

A.C. Tresham

P.S. - This is written without goggles.