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Date: January 12th 1917

January 12th, 1917

Dearest Mother:

I received Clemmie's very welcome letter yesterday bringing the good news you were a good deal better again. I hope each week's mail will continue to bring similar news and that I may soon hear you are very much better indeed. But you must be very careful and not do anything to give you a setback. Clemmie said you were getting a girl . I hope she will prove satisfactory so you will be able to leave everything to her. Today's mail came in a few minutes ago and with it the boots. I have just tried them on and they are a perfect fit. They could not fit better if I had been there to try them on myself. They are certainly
going to be a real comfort after the heavy, coarse army issue. Many, many thanks for all your trouble in sending them. Of course I know that Clemmie did the packing. I want to send her a few lines today too.

Intended to have written sooner, but as usual we have been very busy and it has been hard to find time to write. A party consisting of about half the telephonists have been out building an O.P. for the last few days and the rest of us have to carry on the regular work. Consequently we have not had much time to ourselves. Yesterday I was on O.P. and have today off but have been working around the dugout getting it fixed up and am just taking a few minutes off before supper to send a few lines.

Don't think I have much news. Everything is going on the same old routine. The weather keeps much the same, damp, foggy a good deal of the time with an occasional shower of snow. Today has been damp all day. The boys are all well and in the best of spirits. I am fine as usual.

Now I think I will sign off and send Clemmie a line before supper. Hoping by now you may be very much better indeed.

With love to all from, Harold