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Date: January 6th 1917

January 6, 1917

Dearest Mother:

I received Clemmie and Mrs. Simpson's letters today saying that you had been so sick and also good news that you were better again and pronounced out of danger by the doctor. I wholeheartedly trust that by now you may be much better. It is fortunate that Clemmie could get out. I wish I could run in and do something for you too instead of being over here, 3,000 miles away,. but with Clemmie and Mrs. S. there you need not worry about anything. I am watching anxiously for Friday to come around and Canadian letter mail so as to hear how you are. I hope it will bring news of your being much better again. I sent you a letter on the 3rd. Since then, yesterday, I received box of crackers.
Many many thanks for them. They certainly taste good especially along with P.E. Island butter. Was out to O P. all day. Went out about 7 a.m. and got in about 5. Went to an O.P. some distance to our right registering a point which could not be seen from the O.P. we have been using. It is late now and I want to drop Clemmie a line tonight so will not have time for any more news, not that there is a great deal to write about for everything is going in the same old round. I told you in my last letter about having seen to Freddie Donald. Would like to get a day off and hunt Heber up but will have to wait until we get settled a little better and get some more spare time. So far have been kept pretty busy.
Now Mother I think I must say good night. I will send a line again in day or two. Hoping that long e'er this reaches to the you, you will be much better again.

With love to all and a very large share for yourself from your loving son, Harold