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Date: December 20th 1916

December 20th, 1916

Dear Mother:

Have only time to write a short letter tonight. We are busy getting things ready in our new position and have not much time for writing. Your parcel of apples came along all OK and in pretty good condition. A few of them on the top of the box were bruised a little but nothing to hurt. Many thanks for them. They certainly tasted good and were quite a treat. Then the night before last Mamie Moffat's cake came along. I am going to write and thank her in a day or two, as soon as I get time.

We had a nice parcel from Aunt Jane and Ella last night. Want to write to them also as soon as I can. Received Earle's letter today and one from Clemmie yesterday. We are moving into a splendid position as good a one as one good wish for. We are behind a high bank and are digging our dugouts into it. They will be almost absolutely shellproof and should be very comfortable. At present we are living in cellars. They are fine and we could easily fix them up to be shell proof but it seems that they are reserved for infantry or something and we have to dig new dugouts.

Well Christmas is drawing nearer. Only five more days and it will be here. I expect we will spend it in our new position and it might be spent in a much worse place for we will be comfortable and will be able to get anything we require in a village 20 minutes walk behind our position where there is a splendid YMCA and are good canteen in connection with the Chaplain Service.

Think I must say good night now and turn in as it is getting late. Sent some cards to you a few days ago. Hope they go all right.

Love to all from your loving soldier son, Harold