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Date: November 11th 1916

November 11, 1916

Dearest Mother:

Have been intending to write for two or three days but have been on duty every day. However, must drop you a line this afternoon to let you know I am still alive and kicking. We have been expecting Canadian mail for two or three nights but it has not arrived yet. I expect it will be along tonight. There were a few Canadian letters last night, a forerunner - I hope of a big mail tonight. Wrote to Clemmie a few nights ago and to you on the 7th or 8th.

We have had splendid weather all the week for the time of the year - practically no rain, little wind and comfortably warm. The fellows are all well. I am fine. Am enclosing a German envelope and postcard I picked up from one of the trenches we took from
them. I have some other things such as German buttons, coins, etc. which I shall send at the first opportunity. Also have a couple of rings made out of the fuses of German shells, one with La Somme '16 and the other with Manetz '16. They make a very nice souvenir.
The two verses I am enclosing were composed by one of our signallers and show the indomitable spirit of humour for which Tommy Aitkens is noted. Don't know that I have any news. Things have gotten much quieter here now. There was quite a little bombardment on this morning around 6 but I think things are settling down a good deal to all the old methods of trench warfare, No doubt the artillery will keep the enemy guessing all winter butto carry on an extensive campaign is, I think, impossible.

Now I must say bye-bye for this time. Am on duty and just stole a few minutes to drop you a line

Love to all from, Harold