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Date: October 5th 1916

October 5th, 1916

Dearest Mother:

Just have time for a line today but will try and write a longer letter in a day or two. I think I told you in my last we were going to move again. Well we have and of course have been pretty busy. We are just finishing our dugouts today and hope to have more time again for a few days before we move again. Received your letter of the 10th a couple of nights ago, also one from Clemmie dated the 13th the same night. The night before I had one from Joe Fleming, one from Herb Donald and one from Laura Gordon dated the 28. She was well when she wrote and seems to enjoy the work fine. The nightbefore that again I had a ton of homemade candy from Ethel and a parcel from Laura Simpson con-
taining a pair of socks, can of peas, a box of dates, a box of raisins, scarves, chocolates and chewing gum, all of which was very welcome. I must get time to drop them a line today if I can. The parcels that you and Clemmie both spoke of having sent have not arrived yet but I expect them in this week's mail which will probably be Friday or Saturday and I'm looking forward to having a good feed. Manythanks for them. You are too good to me in sending so much stuff. I want to send Clemmie a line today to if I can get time.

We are having pretty good weather so far. Had a couple of wet days about a week ago and of course lots of mud for a few days but the day is splendid now, comfortably cool for working. The fellows are all well and as usual in the best of spirits. I am fine, never felt better in my life, nearly 190 and am in ship-shape condition.

Now I think I must close this note. Will write in a day or two and try and write a longer letter.

Love to all and a large share for your self from your loving son, Harold